What kind of league to join?

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Fantasy Football
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Anything less than 10 teams is a waste of everyone’s time. Grow a pair and join a league that requires some kind of knowledge. 10-team leagues are good for beginners because, if you totally goof the draft, enough useful players will go undrafted to make yourself competitive. If you have played fantasy sports before, you will find 10-team leagues boring because every team is loaded. In this situation, the winner really does come down to luck. This website will produce rankings based off of a 12-team league because that is, or should be, the standard amount of teams to be simple, but still somewhat challenging. If you have been at this a while and want a challenge, you can go deeper. 14, 16, and 18 team leagues are all exciting and challenging, especially if you play with a group of people who know what they’re doing. PPR (points per reception) and IDP (individual defensive players) leagues can be fun, but PPR tends to tip the scales heavily toward receivers and IDP can get tedious if there are too many defensive positions to fill. I have done both, and now avoid both, but try different things and see what you like. Ultimately, you should enjoy fantasy sports. I use this as the first rule of drafting as well. This is going to be your team, so if you would rather have Tom Brady than Drew Brees (I wouldn’t), and you have the chance to get either, take Brady. Your league-mates might question it all season, but you will like your team more, and you have the chance to rub it in all their faces at the end of the season, claiming you KNEW Brady had another 2007 in him. You’d be lying, but that can be our little secret. Find a league you enjoy and dive in.


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