Positional Rankings- Defense

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

There is no indication from the Jets or Darrelle Revis that a deal is close to done, so I rank them without him. If he joins up, the Jets are the top defense in fantasy.

1. Packers- Shut down the run. Second year in the 3-4 should be very scary.

2. Eagles- Pressures the quarterback, forces fumbles, and grabs interceptions.

3. Cowboys- Questionable safeties, but solid linebacking core. Lots of sacks here.

4. Ravens- Ray Lewis and Ed Reed still anchor a solid, physical defense.

5. 49ers- Patrick Willis is a stud clogging the middle. They are also in an offense-starved division.

6. Vikings- The line is good. Allen will get to the quarterback. Hopefully the backers can stop the deep ball.

7. Jets- With Revis they are #1.

8. Bengals- Not much of a pass-rush, but great linebackers and D-backs are consistent.

9. Steelers- Pittsburgh is always physical and puts lots of pressure on the passer. If Polamalu can stay healthy, the deep ball should be hard to come by.

10. Giants- New York started hot last year, and then fell apart, giving up 40 or more points five times. They need to stay healthy.

11. Saints- Good linebackers, questionable deep pass defense.

12. Patriots- Patriots could really use a pass-rush.

13. Browns- Lots of young starters, but Joe Haden has the makings of a shut-down corner.

14. Broncos- Losing the NFL sacks leader, Elvis Dumervil really hurts.

15. Texans- Defense is different with Cushing suspended.

16. Chargers- Lots of big names at linebacker, but they haven’t done much.

17. Colts- If Bob Sanders stays healthy, there is upside for a good defense.

18. Bears- The stars are getting old, and there isn’t much behind them.

19. Falcons- Need corners and better run-stoppers

20. Titans- Good corners, but the linebackers are either too old or too young.

No one else needs to be owned, except in bye-week situations. There isn’t even much upside beyond this point.


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