Posted: August 25, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man,

Should I trade Bernard Berrian to acquire Jahvid Best? -Jimmy, Southern Cali

Jimmy, Unless you really need RB and have WR to spare, I would rather have Berrian right now. I know Best is supposed to carry the load for Detroit, but I’d rather lean on Minnesota’s passing game than Detroit’s running game. Thanks for the question.

  1. Sal, PA says:

    Keeper question I am struggling with. Would you keep any of these players with my first 2 picks? or am I better off letting them go and see if better players are not kept.

    QB – Big Ben
    RB – Forte, Charles, R Brown, Jacobs, Stewart
    WR – Wayne

    We start 1 QB, 1RB, 1RB/WR & 2 WR. I draft 7th overall (12 teams in league).

    • You MUST use your first two picks? Both Wayne and Charles are tempting. Honestly, if it were me, I’d keep Wayne, wrestle with myself all night about Charles, and minutes before the deadline decide to keep him. You might be able to get better if you let one or both go, but here you have two guys you can feel pretty good about, and if you have read other places on this website, i say over and over that safety is valuable. But i wouldn’t fault you for letting Charles go.

  2. Sal, PA says:

    No don’t have to use both picks. If I don’t keep them I woudl jsut draft 7th in each round if I didn’t keep anyone. I am almost thinking I have to keep Wayne because of the odds of there not being many quality WRs available at the start. I am not so sure if the same could be said for the available RBs.

    • I agree on Wayne. And there is a chance you could get better than Charles, but I’d probably end up keeping both, just because hoping for better in a keeper league draft is very risky. Plus, Charles is a huge talent.

  3. Sal, PA says:

    I guess my worry with Charles if if he will be reliable enough to be a #1 RB. If I did keep him I( would have to look for a good #2RB with my pick in the 3rd I am thinking.

  4. its a valid worry. But the Chiefs seem content to hand him the rock on a regular basis. and we saw what he could do in the second half of last year. Like I said, its possible you could get better. but in a keeper league, a 2nd round pick for him is decent.

  5. Sal, PA says:

    So didn’t keep any players in my league along with several other people. As a result I will have the second actual live pick in the first round and not sure who to go with. Available at the start will be Bree, MJD, Turner and Moss.

    If by some chance the person ahead of me pases on Brees am I stupid not to take him here? I had thought about waiting to draft a QB for fear of there not being a top 7 QB available, but now am started to rethink that. If Bress does go is MJD the next obvious must take? I pick 7th overall out of 12 teams.

  6. Brees, Drew, Turner, and Moss are available in a keeper league draft??? Wow! Well, I’d rank them Brees, Jones-Drew, Moss, then Turner. I am assuming that’s Randy, not Santana.

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