Walking the Walk

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Fantasy Football

So, if I’m here trying to give you advice, I think I should let you see if/when I’m taking my own advice. I maintain two teams. One is with friends, but the one I pay the most attention to is a champions’ league on ESPN. 14-teams, 17 players per team. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 OP, 1 DST, 1 K, 6 bench.

First Round-

I had the #2 overall pick to begin. I was trilled to see Chris Johnson go first, so I got my top pick, Adrian Peterson. As expected, MJD, Rice, and Gore finished out the top 5. Steven Jackson went #6, followed by the first non-RB, Andre Johnson, then Michael Turner, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Randy Moss, Deangelo Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, and Peyton Manning closed out the round.

*No thanks- If you read my RB rankings, you know I wouldn’t want Jackson anywhere, let alone #6. Also not crazy about Williams #12.

*Yes please- Peyton Manning at #14 was fantastic. I’m jealous.

Second Round-

Tom Brady went first in this round, giving that team an exciting QB duo of Manning and Brady. Ryan Grant, Reggie Wayne, Cedric Benson, Brandon Marshall, and Rashard Mendenhall round out the top 20.

21- Shonn Greene, 22- Miles Austin, 23- Roddy White, 24- Deshean Jackson, 25- Calvin Johnson, 26- Knowshon Moreno

If you read my WR rankings, you know I have Megatron, Austin, and Greg Jennings in the same tier, so I was happy to see him still there at #27.

Matt Schaub went #28 to close the round.

*No thanks- Benson at #18 doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t think he comes close to last year, and his production can be had later on.

*Yes please- The combo of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is enough to make someone drool, considering the OP position lets him start both every week.

Third Round-

Ryan Matthews went first in this round, before I took Tony Romo. I think he’s a lock to be a top-10 QB, and I expect him to finish in the top 5.

31- Steve Smith (CAR), 32- Beanie Wells, 33- Phillip Rivers, 34- Sidney Rice, 35- Jamaal Charles, 36- Leshean McCoy, 37- Matt Forte, 38- Pierre Thomas, 39- Marques Colston, 40- Anquan Boldin, 41- Jonathan Stewart, 42- Dallas Clark

*No thanks- There is enough tight end depth wayyyy later, I wouldn’t take Clark in the third round. And, while I agree he will be better than last year, #37 is too early for Forte with Stewart and Thomas still on the board. Ryan Matthews at #29 is a regrettable pick too. But I hate rookies.

*Yes please- I like Stewart at #41, especially because I expect him to put up the same numbers as his platoon-mate who went #12.

Fourth Round-

43- Chad Ochocinco, 44- Steve Smith (NYG), 45- Joseph Addai, 46- Ronnie Brown, 47- Brandon Jacobs, 48- Michael Crabtree, 49- Mike Sims-Walker, 50- Justin Forsett, 51- Antonio Gates, 52- Dwayne Bowe, 53- Ricky Williams, 54- Vernon Davis

I had my eye on Felix Jones before the draft began, and I felt like #55 was a decent spot. I might have reached a little, but if he gets starting carries in Dallas, we know he will factor in the passing game, he could produce huge numbers.Wes Welker went #56 to close the round.

*No thanks- I don’t need to bag on Ochocinco anymore… but with Smith, Bowe, Crabtree and others still on the board…

*Yes please- I actually like Jacobs at #47. Bowe at #52 has a chance to be a top-15 WR if Cassel finds him more.

Fifth Round-

Tony Gonzalez went #57 before I grabbed Hakeem Nicks. I don’t LOVE this pick, but I felt like the quality WRs were going, and Nicks was the best for a while.

59- Hines Ward, 60- Vincent Jackson, 61- Reggie Bush, 62- Donald Driver, 63- Brent Celek, 64- Jerome Harrison, 65- Jermichael Finley, 66- Pierre Garcon, 67- Jahvid Best, 68- Jeremy Maclin, 69- Marion Barber, 70- C.J. Spiller

*No thanks- The only pick here that I don’t like at all is Jackson at #60. All the others make sense to me.

*Yes please- Garcon at #66 might turn into a bargain. Also, as much as I hate to say it, Spiller at #70 will look good if Fred Jackson misses significant time.

Sixth Round-

71- Joe Flacco, 72- Brett Favre, 73- Mike Wallace, 74- Arian Foster, 75- Clinton Portis, 76- Thomas Jones, 77- Jason Witten, 78- Jay Cutler, 79- Santana Moss, 80- Eli Manning, 81- T.J. Hoshmandzadeh, 82- Darren McFadden

Another questionable receiver pick, but Robert Meachum is one of the most reliable receivers in the game. He has some of the best hands, and Drew Brees trusts him so he should get plenty of looks. at, #83, I think he is solid value. Terrell Owens went #84 to end the round.

*No thanks- If you read my QB rankings or sleepers/busts, you know I hate Favre. Jones and McFadden are sharing carries and Houshmandzadeh may or may not get looked at in Seattle’s offense. And you know how I feel about T.O.

*Yes please- Flacco at #71 might turn out really well, especially because that team now has Peyton Manning at QB, and Brady and Flacco as his OPs. Cutler at #78 and Manning at #80 are also solid QBs.

Seventh Round-

I was salivating over Kolb when he went #85, so I ended up taking Steve Breaston at #86. If I’d had more time, I might have gone with Matt Ryan or Donald Brown, but that being said, Breaston is #2 in a pass-heavy offense, so it might work out.

87- Braylon Edwards, 88- Fred Jackson, 89- Owen Daniels, 90- Lee Evans, 91- Donovan McNabb, 92- Santonio Holmes, 93- Dez Bryant, 94- Matt Ryan, 95- Kellen Winslow, 96- Michael Bush, 97- Donald Brown, 98- Percy Harvin

*No thanks- I’m very low on Jets receivers and McNabb.

*Yes please- If he truly takes over the starting job in Indy, Brown at #97 could be one major steal. Matt Ryan has some upside too.

Eighth Round-

99- Jets DST, 100- Johnny Knox, 101- Chris Cooley, 102- Kenny Britt, 103- Jerricho Cotchery, 104- Derrick Mason, 105- Ben Roethlisberger, 106- Chad Henne, 107- Darren Sproles, 108- Eagles DST, 109- Visanthe Shiancoe, 110- Steve Slaton

I was begging and pleading Ladanian Tomlinson to fall to me and he did. I am confident he will get enough touches to warrant a 111th pick. The Vikings DST was taken #112 to end the round.

*No thanks- Roethlisberger’s suspension makes his value really questionable. Sproles may or may not live up to his spot as a big play backup.

*Yes please- I was ecstatic to get Tomlinson at #111. I think Britt has top 20 WR potential.

Ninth Round-

Ahmad Bradshaw went #113 to start the round, and I’ll tell you what, I couldn’t push “draft” fast enough on Vince Young. I’m definitely buying the second half of last season and love him this year.

115- Packers DST, 116- Ravens DST, 117-Chaz Schilens, 118- Cadillac Williams, 119- Bernard Berrian, 120- Early Doucet, 121- Carson Palmer, 122- Matthew Stafford, 123- Tim Hightower, 124- Cowboys DST, 125- Zach Miller (OAK), 126- Chester Taylor

*No thanks- You know how I feel about Carson Palmer and that offense. I also doubt Hightower will get touches enough to make him useful.

*Yes please- Stafford at #122 might be a bargain. With Rice’s surgery and Harvin’s throbbin’ noggin, Berrian might be the best option for Favre, so you won’t see him go #119 again.

Tenth Round-

127- Devery Henderson, 128- 49ers DST, 129- Montario Hardesty, 130- Laurence Maroney, 131- Devin Aromashodu, 132- Nate Burleson, 133- Steelers DST, 134- Austin Collie, 135- Nate Kaeding, 136- Marshawn Lynch, 137- Willis McGahee, 138- Correll Buckhalter

If I’d second guessed, I might have taken Anthony Gonzalez here, who was taken #140 , but went with Leon Washington. He looks close to full speed, and I’m thinking he will get a decent cut out of the Seahawks backfield.

*No thanks- Taking a kicker at #135…

*Yes please- I like Maroney at #130 because he is in a contract year. I also think Lynch might surprise some people, if Jackson’s injury lingers.

Eleventh Round-

David Garrard went #141 and then I figured it was a good time to get my tight end. I took Greg Olsen. I know a lot of people are down on him, but Jay Cutler swears by him and that’s good enough for me. On second thought, I might have taken Eddie Royal here.

143- Stephen Gostkowski, 144- Ryan Longwell, 145- Bernard Scott, 146- Bengals DST, 147- Josh Morgan, 148- Kevin Smith, 149- Eddie Royal, 150- Kevin Walter, 151- Saints DST, 152- Rob Bironas, 153- David Akera, 154- Josh Cribbs

*No thanks- Still seems early for kickers, but they went on a run. I was content to wait.

*Yes please- I like Royal at #149. He might be the Broncos #1 receiver for a while.

Twelfth Round-

155- Matt Cassel, 156- Derrick Ward, 157- Jason Campbell, 158- Mason Crosby, John Carlson, 160- Mark Sanchez, 161- Garrett Hartley, 162- Malcolm floyd, 163- Rashad Jennings, 164- Mario Manningham. 165- Heath Miller, 166- Joey Galloway

I had wanted Floyd or Manningham, but with both gone, I filled my DST with the Giants DST.

Fred Taylor went #167.

*No thank you- Jason Campbell is not going to ignite a Raiders offense like he the Redskins… oh wait… he did NOTHING in Washington. Same here.

*Yes please- Floyd and Manningham are both steals this late.

Thirteenth Round-

Javon Ringer went #169 before I grabbed Alex Smith. This gave me three useful QBs. And in a 14-team league, that’s an advantage.

171- Matt Prater, 172- Jay Feeley, 173- Golden Tate, 174- Robbie Gould, 175- Mohamed Massaquoi, 176- Brian Westbrook, 177- Arrelious Benn, 178- Jeremy Shockey, 179- Louis Murphy, 180- Julius Jones, 181- Anthony Dixon, 182- Devin Hester

*No thanks- I can’t really bag on these picks too much. None of them are exciting, but they could all be useful in the right situation… and you have to get a kicker sometime.

*Yes please- Massaquoi has some upside, even in the Browns’ offense.

Fourteenth Round-

183- Toby Gerhart, 184- Kevin Boss, 185- Broncos DST, 186- Tavaris Jackson, 187- Donnie Avery, 188- Larry Johnson, 189- Tashard Choice, 190- Jason Snelling, 191- Matt Leinart, 192- Matt Hasselbeck, 193- Dustin Keller, 194- Joe McKnight

At pick #195, they don’t get much more upside than Jacoby Jones. Julian Edelman went #196 to close out the round.

*No thanks- With Favre’s return, Jackson doesn’t retain much value. Especially being picked before incumbent starters Leinart and Hasselbeck.

*Yes please- I love where I got Jones. Leinart has serious upside considering the offense he inherits.

Fifteenth Round-

Roy Williams went #197 before I finally took my kicker, Lawrence Tynes, five rounds and 63 spots after the first kicker went off the board. And I’m proud of that.

199- Mike Bell, 200- Jeff Reed, 201- Antonio Bryant, 202- Demaryius Thomas, 203- Kyle Orton, 204- Jerious Norwood, 205- Patriots DST, 206- Laurent Robinson, 207- Chris Chambers, 208- Mercedes Lewis, 209- Benjamin Watson, 210- Dexter McCluster

*No thanks- Antonio Bryant is behind T.O. and Chad Ochocinco. Any chance they let him catch anything?

*Yes please- I actually like McCluster’s big play ability. And the Patriots D might be better than advertised.

Sixteenth Round-

211- Mike Williams, 212- Sammy Morris, 213 Fred Davis, 214- Willie Parker, 215- Dolphins DST, 216- Mewelde Moore, 217- Lance Moore, 218- Colts DST, 219- Devin Thomas, 220- Earnest Graham, 221- Andre Brown, 222- Kevin Faulk,

Seemed like a decent time to take my backup TE. Tony Scheffler has some upside with Stafford getting a little more freedom to wing it. Neil Rackers went #224.

*No thanks- Andre Brown is third in line for handoffs from a QB who threw for over 4,000 yards.

*Yes please- Mike Williams might end up the top receiver in Tampa. I know its the Bucs, but top is still top.

Seventeenth Round-

James Davis went 225, then I grabbed Josh Freeman. Why? This gives me four out of 32 starting QBs. In a 14-team league, that’s some real depth at the highest scoring position, and with the two OP slots, people can start up to three QBs.

227- Matt Moore, 228- Sam Bradford, 229- Dan Carpenter, 230- Maurice Morris, 231- Matt Bryant, 232- Todd Heap, 233- Shayne Graham, 234- David Buehler, 235- Albert Young, 236- Nate Washington, 237- Legadu Naanee, 237 and Mr. Irrelevant goes to Ryan Succop.

I was happy overall. I got a lot of guys I was targeting before the draft. My final lineup comes out as follows:

QB- Tony Romo

RB- Adrian Peterson

RB- Felix Jones

WR- Greg Jennings

WR- Hakeem Nicks

WR- Robert Meachum

TE- Greg Olsen

OP- Vince Young

OP- Alex Smith

DST- Giants

K- Lawrence Tynes

Bench- Josh Freeman, Ladanian Tomlinson, Leon Washington, Steve Breaston, Jacoby Jones, Tony Scheffler

I’ll keep you updated on how my team is doing and what moves I make.


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