Walking the Walk- TRADE!

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I just traded Felix Jones, Alex Smith, and Steve Breaston for Justin Forsett, Chad Henne, and Malcolm Floyd. Why? Let’s take a look at my positional rankings. First of all, at wide receiver, I had Floyd in Tier 6, with upside for more as the top receiver of a very good quarterback. Breaston, meanwhile, I put tentatively in tier 7, but Leinart has looked awful in pre-season, and I might even drop him lower now. Looking at running backs, I am high on Jones, and do think he will perform better than Forsett, putting him two tiers above. But Forsett has some upside, and its hard to place either one of these guys because they are both getting their first crack at major touches. Finally, and most significantly to me, the quarterbacks. I placed Alex Smith two tiers below Henne. Both have upside to perform better than their rankings. Stepping back and looking at this trade from a lineup standpoint, I traded two starters for three. Floyd will bump Robert Meachum to the bench and become my WR3. Forsett takes Jones’ place as the WR2, and Henne moves into Smith’s spot as the OP2. I’m very satisfied with this move, and we will see how it plays out starting next week when the games count.


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