If given the chance…

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Just some guys coming to mind who probably won’t get enough touches to matter, but if they did, they would perform.

Tashard Choice showed some serious talent last year in the wake of injuries to Barber and Jones. He is, once again, third on the depth chart, but behind two guys who aren’t known  for their 16-game seasons. Both don’t need to get hurt. If one goes down, go grab him. Remember when Marshawn Lynch had over 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns in 13 games in 2007? Or when he topped 1,000 with nine TDs in 2008? Seems a long way away, but if Fred Jackson misses any real games, we might be reminded that there are actually three talented backs in Buffalo. Josh Cribbs is the third receiver on a bad team with a bad quarterback. But if Massaquoi (23) or Robiskie (22) exhibits growing pains, the electric kick returner might surprise some people as a receiver. Brandon Lloyd was once a huge sleeper in San Francisco. He was hailed as the “next coming of TO”. That never panned out. He is buried now behind Jabar Gaffney, Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal, and probably Brandon Stokley. But Thomas is a rookie, Stokley is slow, Gaffney hasn’t been relevant since the stone age, Royal has one good year on his record, and nobody has been too impressive in training camp. The Packers’ Brandon Jackson was supposed to be “the guy” when Ahman Green left, but he never showed the big-play ability he had shown in practice. Perhaps an injury to Grant would jolt him back into high gear. Also look out for James Jones on that team. He’s the #3 receiver right now, #4 when you add Finley. But he has a skill set capable of being successful. I can’t help but think Peyton Manning will find Anthony Gonzalez. He has Wayne and Garcon above him, still might be fighting Collie for the #3 spot, and a pass-catching tight end. But the Wes Welker type receiver, who was so much of a sleeper last year before the injury, is a favorite of Manning’s and what Manning wants, Manning gets. The Niners third WR, Ted Ginn is one of the fastest players in the NFL. Yes, Crabtree is the top target here, but Josh Morgan has yet to prove he should be the second, so keep an eye on Ginn and his highlight reel skill set. Finally, and this would take some serious mayhem, but if Donovan McNabb went down, Rex Grossman would be the starter in Washington. No, he will never matter, but behind him is Colt Brennan. I know, he didn’t even make it into the ESPN fantasy preview, which profiled 77 quarterbacks. But if McNabb goes down, are we sure Grossman can hold the job? And if McNabb goes down and Grossman takes the Skins down with him, why would they NOT give the kid a chance to show what he’s got?


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