Last minute, pre-season trade targets

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Everyone’s value changes as soon as the season starts. Fantasy football is the domain of paranoid over reactors. But before all that, there are some guys who you might be able to get somewhat cheap. These might be fringe talent guys or just un-sexy names, but you might take a shot with a couple offers to get them before things get rolling. Jonathan Stewart.  Equal stats to Deangelo Williams, for half the price in auctions, and usually two rounds later in snakes. I think this year he might leapfrog Williams all together. Alex Smith finally has the reigns and his offenses trust to start this season. Crabtree is an emerging young star and, while he won’t be elite, he should prove a solid option in leagues with 12+ teams. Knowshon Moreno is entering his second year, on a team that lost its top receiver from 2009. Let’s not forget, he had 947 yards and seven touchdowns while splitting time with the annoying Buckhalter. However, with the pre-season injury, you might be able to get him on the cheap. Mike Williams… both. The Tampa Bay version might be fun to watch with the agile Josh Freeman throwing it to him, and looks like the one solid option in that passing game, and the Seattle version is back with his college coach and, with the dropping of Housh, might be the number one option for Matt Hasselbeck. Jerrome Harrison is the only back of any value in Cleveland. With the injury to Montario Hardesty, Harrison could be looking at 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns, but anyone on the Browns tends to be unpopular.

For deeper leagues who can afford to stash a guy, go get Max Hall. The Cardinals new #2 quarterback had an impressive camp and Derek Anderson’s leash might be shorter than people think.

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