Bush with something to prove?

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Fantasy Football

With the media frenzy around Reggie Bush, and now with his Heisman being stripped, it is certainly an interesting argument to say this might be his best season of his career because he is out to prove himself. In 2006 he had over 1,300 yards from scrimmage. No, he hasn’t matched that again, but in 12, 10, and 14 games in the years since, he has put up 998, 844, and 725 yards respectively, along with touchdown totals of six, six and eight. Also, last year he had a career best 5.6 yards per carry, shattering his previous high of 3.8. It is notable his yards per carry have gone up every single year he has been in the league. Yes, Pierre Thomas is the starting runner in New Orleans, but let’s compare numbers from 2009. Thomas had 147 carries and 39 receptions. He had 5.4 yards per carry, 1,095 total yards, and eight touchdowns. Bush had 117 touches. He totaled  5.6 yards per carry 725 total yards, and also scored eight touchdowns. It can be said the carries will go to the hot hand. But in New Orleans, the passing game comes first. Thomas has 87 receptions in his three year career. Bush had more than that in his rookie year, grabbing 88. Reggie now stands at 260 career receptions. I’m not saying Bush has more fantasy value than Thomas right now, but with all the controversy surrounding his time at USC, Bush seems hungry to remind people why he deserved all those illegal benefits. Remebering Randy Moss coming out of Oakland to New England, hungry players do special things.


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