Dennis Dixon after week 5

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Fantasy Football

What will happen to Dixon after Roethlisberger is eligible to play? The vast majority will say Big Ben is back in charge and Dixon will never play again in 2010. I have my doubts, limited and conditional, but doubts nonetheless. I place the over/under at four and nine. If the Steelers have four wins and Dixon is responsible for nine or more touchdowns (throwing and running), he gets to keep his job. If he falls short of either, I’d expect see Ben start week six when he is eligible after the Steelers’ bye week. It wouldn’t be the first time a starting quarterback missed time, came back, and found he had lost his job. Remember in 1998 Kurt Warner signed with the Rams as the third string quarterback. They brought in Trent Green in 1999 to be the starter and promoted Warner to number two. Green went down with a torn ACL, Warner took over, threw for 41 touchdowns while completing 51% of his passes, and never looked back. Ben Roethlisberger came into Pittsburgh as the #3 behind Charlie Batch and Tommy Maddox. Batch got hurt in the preseason and Maddox took over. He won week one against the Raiders, but after a poor start and an injury during the week two Ravens game, Ben stepped in. He went 13-0 as a starter and was the first quarterback in 34 years to be unanimously chosen AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year. Ironically, Dixon came into this pre-season the #3 behind Roethlisberger and Leftwhich. But a suspension and an injury have left him with the starting job and a chance to three-peat history. Don’t bet against it.


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