I always wait until the day before the season starts to post my season predictions, because anything before that is risking injuries changing the face of the game before it starts. So here it is…

Let’s start with the AFC North

Ravens 12-4, too many weapons on offense and an aggressive defense to boot. Super Bowl is not out of reach.

Steelers 10-6, I like Dixon at QB, and if Mendenhall stays healthy, they will be in contention for a wild card spot at the end.

Browns 7-9- Yes, they climb out of the cellar on the back of Jerome Harrison, who could see a Ray Rice circa 2009 type breakout.

Bengals 5-11, You know I hate their offense. Decent D, but not enough in a tough division.

AFC South

Colts 14-2, Not much needs to be said here. Consistency is the name of the game. Super Bowl contender… again.

Titans 12-4, I’m very high on Vince Young. While defenses are looking at Chris Johnson, Justin Gage and Kenny Britt might impress.

Texans 9-7, Good team, but not great. Schaub’s health is still a big question mark.

Jaguars 6-10, Just not enough weapons here. Jones-Drew can’t do it alone and the defense is average at best.

AFC West

Chargers 9-7, They win this league by default. Without Tomlinson and Jackson, their two biggest play makers, expect a first round exit.

Broncos 8-8, Kyle Orton had over 3,800 yards passing last year. He should touch 3,500 and Moreno gets 1,200, but defense is shaky.

Raiders 6-10, I’m the only one unimpressed by Jason Campbell. He did nothing with more weapons in Washington.

Chiefs 5-11, Defense is bad. Offense is mediocre. Charles and Bowe are physically impressive but inconsistent.

AFC East

Patriots 12-4, I’m high on Brady and Maroney, both in contract years. Defense is underrated. Super Bowl dark horse.

Jets 10-6, Sanchez needs to take a step forward to keep defenses from loading up on run. Should be in wild card race.

Dolphins 9-7, Marshall helps Henne. Offense still keys on Brown and Williams’ running. Maybe one year from playoffs.

Bills 3-13- Should be in the race for 2011 #1 draft pick. No defense, no O-line, no QB, best RB (Jackson) hurt, and rookie RB starting.

NFC North

Packers 14-2, This team is legit, loaded with weapons on both sides of the ball and is a Super Bowl contender.

Vikings 9-7, You know how I feel about Favre. Peterson can only carry them so far alone. Perhaps sneak in with a wild card, but doubt it.

Lions 7-9, I’m pretty high on Detroit this year. They definitely take a step up with Stafford in his second year. Best worries me.

Bears 6-10, Cutler’s 25 INTs will really hurt. Defense will be better with Peppers, but only so much better.

NFC South

Saints 10-6, Offense is still fun to watch. Both Thomas and Bush have solid seasons, and defense is above average. No repeat though.

Falcons 10-6, Offense is loaded with third-year Ryan at the helm. Defense is improved. Super Bowl dark horse.

Buccaneers 5-11, Josh Freeman matures in his second year and Mike Williams is a good target. Suh helps run stoppage.

Panthers 4-12, Moore isnt an NFL quarterback. Good running game, but that’s it. Below average defense without Peppers.

NFC West

49ers 10-6, They will feast on the rest of the division. Smith is better at QB, and Gore needs to stay healthy.

Seahawks 8-8, Forsett has career year and defense is about average. But Hasselbeck is OLD!

Cardinals 8-8, Max Hall will be the QB by week 8. Wells has a big year but not enough to cover defense and QB woes.

Rams 3-13, Bradford learns many painful lessons with no O-line, isn’t horrible, but the defense is. 2011 #1 draft pick contender.

NFC East

Cowboys 13-3, Offense is loaded. Defense is solid. Only injuries can derail this team right now. Super Bowl contender.

Giants 10-6, Ahmad Bradshaw has career season. Three young receivers all better. Should contend for wild card. Dangerous in playoffs.

Eagles 8-8, Kolb will be awesome some weeks and horrible in others. Defense is good, but team will be inconsistent.

Redskins 6-10, McNabb better than Campbell, but team lacks playmakers.


AFC title game- Colts over Ravens (Patriots and Steelers dark horses)

NFC title game- Packers over Cowboys (Giants and Falcons dark horses)

Super Bowl- Colts over Packers


MVP- Adrian Peterson

Offensive Rookie of the Year- Jahvid Best

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Ndamukong Suh

Super Bowl MVP- Peyton Manning

Defensive Player of the Year- Demarcus Ware

Coach of the Year- Jeff Fisher

Comeback Player of the Year- Matt Ryan

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