Don’t be the guy who trades Matt Schaub for Michael Vick. We have an extremely small sample size at this point, with four teams yet to play tonight. Fantasy football is a guessing game. I had Hakeem Nicks on my bench this week and he scored three touchdowns. Does that piss me off? Yes. Am I going to bench Roddy White for him next week? No. This is a game in which people have very short term memory. This might be the week to trade Matt Forte for a bonafide stud. You might be able to trade Matt Forte for Frank Gore, who was disappointing. This is NOT the week to try go get Arian Foster. Owners will be demanding the Milky Way for him and that team is still going to pass a lot more than it did yesterday. Be smart. You might send out feelers for Jonathan Stewart.

Look at the teams who lose week one, and look at who underperformed. If someone loses by 10 points and had Matt Schaub, they will be more emotional than a team that had Gore but won anyway. If you can find a team who lost a close match, and had a stud do nothing at all, that’s the team to pester about a trade.

The idea is to trade with people who are emotional about the week, while not being emotional yourself. Tuesday is the best day to offer trades because the sting of a weekend loss is still fresh. Now, there is a difference between underperformers and those who simply didn’t meet expectations because those expectations were too high. Terrell Owens didn’t deserve the hype and we can now see what kind of contribution he will make. The same can be said for CJ Spiller. Justin Forsett is a guy you might ask about. I still think he will get a lot more touches than he did yesterday. Interesting point on expectations. Steven Jackson owners were disappointed with 87 all-purpose yards on 26 touches without a score because he was a consensus first round pick (unless you read my RB rankings and LOVE/HATE posts before your draft). Meanwhile, Ahmad Bradshaw owners enjoyed his 93 yards from scrimmage and one touchdown. That’s more fantasy points in a standard league than Maurice Jones-Drew, Jackson, Frank Gore and Adrian Peterson.

Here’s an interesting number I stumbled on. Marion Barber had eight carries for 39 yards. Felix Jones had eight for 38. Considering the hype around Jones, I might be looking to deal Felix if there were buyers still thinking he will get 60% or more of the carries in Dallas.

Finally, I have to give a shout out to myself for the points I was right about. Vince Young and Dennis Dixon were winners. Young was more impressive, but Dixon got the job done and contributed if you had him on your fantasy team. Fred Jackson was the most productive back in Buffalo, albeit for 19 yards. Peyton Manning scored the most of all quarterbacks with 433 yards and three touchdowns. I have also tweeted multiple times about Josh Freeman whose 182 yards and two scores topped Tony Romo and Drew Brees. Cedric Benson owners weren’t thrilled with his 43 yards, but he was saved from complete bustage by scoring one touchdown.

I close with the opener, DONT OVERREACT. However, feel free to take advantage of the majority of your league mates who will.

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