The mandatory “where I stand on Tebow” post

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Fantasy Football
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I think he is going to be an elite, albeit unorthodox NFL quarterback in three years. If the Broncos are smart, they will let Kyle Orton play this year and next, starting Brady Quinn if there is an injury. Let him learn the offense, gain confidence, without tipping your hand to the world. Then in 2012 unleash him with a matured Demaryius Thomas and Knowshon Moreno on the unsuspecting AFC West. Why do I think so highly of the kid out of Florida? First of all, watch his interviews. He is all about the team, all about working hard, getting better and learning as much as he can. We all knew he had the intangibles but we have seen in his preseason action he is also capable of competing at this level. All the Denver veterans rave about his work ethic and teachability. There is no doubt about his physicality. The man is built like a tight end, but he is smart, enthusiastic, and has made the “two ears and one mouth” cliche his mantra. He is a coaches dream. Honestly, if I was in a super deep (dynasty type) keeper league I wouldn’t have a problem stashing him this season.


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