I don’t have much time, but there are a few guys who are clearly mis-valued and those are the trade opportunities. If you have an overrated player, shop him. If you have an underrated guy, go get him.

Overrated Carson Palmer. His numbers from Sunday look great, but most were accrued after they were down 31-3.

Underrated Jerricho Cotchery. I know he only had two catches for 18 yards, but he was targeted five times, and at least for the weeks before Santonio Holmes returns, Cotchery is a useful receiver.

Overrated Arian Foster. How could anyone NOT be after his week one? But its still pass-first in Houston and we will see that here in week two.

Underrated Jacoby Jones. Many people who are considered “deep” sleepers only get one week to prove themselves. Here, Foster went to town and Jones didn’t get much, but look out for him when Houston goes back to throwing, i.e. week two.

Overrated Michael Vick. He is a much different player when you’ve had a week to prepare for him. I know he is at Detroit, but even then, be wise in the player you bench for him.

Underrated Austin Collie. I know Wayne is still number one and Garcon is probably still number two, but Collie got more targets than either one of them in week one. He had more catches than the two of them COMBINED, 11-10. And more yards than the two of them combined 163-142. And he grabbed a touchdown.

Overrated Legedu Naanee. His week one performance was because Malcolm Floyd was getting the “Calvin Johnson” treatment. Meaning the defense didn’t respect anyone else as a threat. That won’t happen in week two.

Underrated Jamaal Charles. He had 12 touches for 100 yards and a touchdown. But not much is being said about him at all.

Overrated Jason Campbell. Oakland is BAD! Why am I the only one who said it BEFORE week one?

Underrated Bronco’s receivers, specifically Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal. They combined for 18 targets, 13 catches for 215 yards.

So, go try to trade for the underrated guys for chump change, and try dealing you overrated guys for more than they are worth. Good luck.

  1. peoplespigskin says:

    I’ve got to disagree about Cotchery. One of the few useful things that Hard Knocks taught us is that the Jets have a swinging gate where their left guard should be. Until they do something about that, Mark Sanchez is going to be running for his life and/or checking down to the running back like Tony Romo on speed. Cotchery and the other receivers (even Santonio “One Toke Over the Line” Holmes) aren’t going to have much value if their quarterback get murdered by a middle blitz.


    • I can see your point. But the Jets can’t live on the run. There has to be a passing game. Sanchez is a smart, athletic QB, and I think he will complete some throws. The question is to who? Baylon has NEVER been successful as a feature receiver anywhere, too many drops. Holmes might be the guy when he comes back, but it’s clear right now that Sanchez trusts Cotchery and looks for him. So if he was a free agent, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab him.

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