Your team vs. your fantasy team

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Fantasy Football

This is a decision that comes tough for many people. You live in Indianapolis, but your opponent has Peyton on his fantasy team. Who do you root for? Or worse, its draft day. You live close to Cincinnati. Don’t be the guy who takes Chad Ochocinco over Randy Moss. In one league I’m in (not the one covered on “Walking the Walk”), one guy owns Phillip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Malcolm Floyd and Antonio Gates. Obviously this isn’t the best way to build a team because most weeks, they can’t all succeed.  The problem, of course, is everyone is biased. They won’t admit it, but it’s true. I’m biased. And knowing that, I don’t own a single player from my team.

Fans are not logical when it comes to their teams. There is a blog I enjoy on wordpress called “Gotham Gridiron”, but every week he does “Jets/Giants report cards”. Now, this is a good concept for local followers, but its all or nothing. Week one the Jets got an F. They lost 10-9 to one of the best teams in the AFC. This week they got an A, beating the Patriots 28-14. I’m not saying they weren’t bad last week, and I’m not saying they weren’t good this week. And like I said, I read the blog on a regular basis, but fans are extremists. Also, they overvalue their team’s players. HOT TIP: Always casually figure out who everyone’s favorite team is. They will usually pay more for those guys.

If someone asks for your team, tell them you come from an athletically irrelevant town (try Glendale) and your allegiance lies with your fantasy team only.

  1. Hawk Drobnis says:

    Do you think I’m a Giants fan or a Jets fan? Just curious.

    • I think your audience has more Jets fans, because you are pretty realistic with the Giants stuff, but the Jets coverage sounds a little more “fan” oriented. Its more polar, either amazing or terrible. And I expect you get a lot of agreeing comments because most die-hard fans are very “wins are awesome and losses are terrible” minded. As far as your own team? I couldn’t begin to guess.

      • Hawk Drobnis says:

        Haha, well I guess that’s a compliment. I’m a Giant fan with no Giants on my fantasy team for the same reason you just mentioned. Glad you’ve been reading, and keep up the good work.

  2. I felt compelled to respond due to your comment about the Jets coverage at Gotham Gridiron being a little more “fan” oriented. I am one of the writers at Gotham Gridiron, and I am pleased to say that I find myself and my colleagues to be objective with our work.

    I wrote a piece on the Jets and Mark Sanchez earlier before the season began and I assured Jets fans that they shouldn’t be too nervous about Sanchez at the helm. Perhaps that is one of those “fan” oriented pieces you were referring to?

    I just thought I’d tell you – for your own information and your own amusement – that I am a Miami Dolphins fan. A biased Dolphins fan would never have something good to say about the Jets or their QB (Sanchez).

    As for Sanchez himself, all he needs to do is be a more efficient quarterback this season. That is why the Jets brought in the veteran Tomlinson: to have a dynamic running back and veteran take pressure off Sanchez and keep the game simple. The system Sanchez ran under Carroll at USC was all about keeping it simple and efficient.

    Sanchez truly does not need to be a gunslinging savior like Dan Fouts, Dan Marino or John Elway. All he needs to do is manage his offense properly and reduce turnovers (much like Joe Montana and Jim Kelly did in their primes). As pointed out in one of my pieces at Gotham Gridiron, Sanchez was HORRIBLE between his own 21 and own 49 yard line last season. If he just simply manages the game better this year and cuts down on the turnovers, the Jets will be a very tough offense to stop. The Jets’ defense is great with or without Revis. For all these reasons, that is why I say the Jets’ Super Bowl dreams rely on the maturation of Sanchez as a quarterback this season.

    Sorry for the long-winded response, but I felt compelled to comment and enjoy discussing football with readers. Also, thank you for reading our work at Gotham Gridiron. We’re glad you enjoy it. We appreciate it.

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