Dirt Cheap value

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Fantasy Football

These are some guys you can get for a fraction of their preseason worth, and might really be useful.

Vincent Jackson. Tomorrow his value will either multiply or plummet even farther. I wouldn’t mind having him either way, if I could get him for free or close to free. While I don’t think he will be elite when he returns, no matter where he lands (Minnesota, St. Louis, or even back in San Diego) he will be the best receiver there. I don’t like those landing spots, but I’m all about the value.

Kevin Kolb. I know he just got benched for Michael Vick, but I don’t have much faith in Vick lasting as “the guy”. Better defenses than Detroit will gameplan for him and he is stoppable. People are saying he looks like the “Vick of Old”. Well, he played 74 games in Atlanta between 2001-2006. He completed 53% of his throws, threw for 11,505 yards 71 TDs and 52 INTs. That’s an average of 2,487 yards, 15 TDs and 11 INTs per 16 starts. He ran for 3,859 yards and 21 TDs, which averages 834 yards and 5 touchdowns (actually 4.5). So if the old Vick is back, let’s just say he starts all 14 remaining games for the Eagles, he would be around 2,176 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, nine interceptions, 730 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. With Deshean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, and Leshean McCoy on the field, I’d rather have Kevin Kolb. Eagles fans may be some of the toughest in world, after all they chased Donovan McNabb out of town, to their own chagrin, but they will live to regret demanding Vick. Also, Andy Reid has been saying Kolb is his guy all week. Just because ownership wanted Vick, doesn’t mean he will be on a very long leash. Someone in your league might just drop Kolb, and I’d love to have him for free. But I might even trade a bench player for him.

Fred Jackson. I still think he will establish himself as the lead back in Buffalo and no matter who is under center, the running game will be more useful than the passing game.

Marshawn Lynch. Rumor has it he is going to be dealt. If he lands somewhere where he can be the lead back, there is still huge talent here. He is worth stashing in a deeper league for sure.

Bruce Gradkowski. He lit a fire under the Raiders offense on Sunday. If he gets a chance to start, he might be a pleasant surprise. Deeper leagues or multiple QB leagues should try to stash him. You will be rewarded.

Jason Snelling. With Michael Turner’s injury problems, all it takes a serious one for Snelling to be a top-15 RB.

Don’t give up anything useful for these guys, but if they are free agents, or can be had for your end-of-the-bench guy, just say thank you.


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