The Matchup question

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Fantasy Football

How important are matchups? How far should I go to ensure I have the best ones? There is no clear rules, but I do keep a few fool-proof rules of my own.

1. A matchup isn’t worth more than ten ranking spots or two tiers. Let me explain. Find a set of rankings you trust, whether you prefer tier rankings like mine. Or numbered rankings like those on ESPN. If player A is ranked two tiers or 10 spots higher than player B, I’m not swapping them even if A has the #1 defense and B has the #32 defense. The best players are still the best players.

2. When it comes to free agent matchups, don’t drop a guy who will be useful more often than not, for a guy who has a better matchup that particular week.

3. NEVER bench the top tier, or top 10 guys at a position as long as they are healthy. Don’t be the guy who started Dez Bryant over Roddy White because the Falcons were playing the Jets.

I’m a simple man. Any more than three rules would be too complicated for me. Ultimately, I don’t make a big deal out of matchups. This is usually for two reasons. First, the best players are usually the best players regardless, and second, if I have bench players that I would even consider starting, they are trade bait (i.e. my trading of Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant, Ladanian Tomlinson etc.).

If you have a strong bench and no one is interested in trading for them, feel free to play the matchups, but be ready to get burned a few times.


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