Walking the Walk- TRADE!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I just traded Ryan Mathews, Dez Bryant and Ladanian Tomlinson for Randy Moss and Pierre Thomas.

First of all, I was glad to deal the two rookies I’d jut acquired. Thomas’ value gets a boost with Bush’s injury as he will be a bigger part of the passing game. And Randy Moss, though he has struggled the first couple weeks, is an elite WR. I put in waiver bids for Mike Tolbert ($7), Charlie Batch ($3) and Byron Leftwhich ($3). Mathews fumbling problems should give Tolbert some serious chances. And one of those two will get the start for Pittsburgh the next two weeks before Ben returns.

Right now my starting lineup for week three stands at:

QB- Tony Romo

RB- Adrian Peterson

RB- Pierre Thomas

WR- Randy Moss

WR- Greg Jennings

WR- Roddy White

TE- Antonio Gates

OP- Vince Young

OP- Malcolm Floyd

DST- Giants

K- Lawrence Tynes


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