Early week two observations

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Don’t you miss the days where having a starting running back meant IF that team had a good running day, so did your fantasy team? Let’s see some numbers from the morning games today.

For the New York Jets, Ladanian Tomlinson looks like his old self, with 19 carries, 133 yards and a pair of scores. However, Shonn Greene, the supposed starting back, has added 16 carries for 97 yards.

For the Carolina Panthers, Deangelo Williams has 11 touches for 96 yards and a touchdown. Jonathan Stewart six touches for 67 and a touchdown.

For the Baltimore Ravens, the situation makes even less sense. Ray Rice, the consensus top four pick has seven touches for 21 yards. Meanwhile, Willis McGahee has 16 touches for 41 and a touchdown.

How about Buffalo? Marshawn Lynch has four carries for eight yards. Fred Jackson has three carries for 21 yards. Cj Spiller has two carries for 11. BUT the quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick has 74 yards on seven carries.

All I can say is, I’m sorry.


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