NFL trade blowback

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Brett Favre will STILL throw more interceptions than touchdowns. Randy Moss’ arrival kills Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian, but has no real effect on Favre because Brett just doesn’t have it anymore. It also hurts Moss’ value significantly because he goes from  Tom Brady to the old man and he goes from a pass-heavy offense to a run-first offense. Meanwhile, Wes Welker gets a boost, as does Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman, and Danny Woodhead.

Marshawn Lynch landed in one of the worst spots for a fantasy owner. If he went to a team that could feature him, there is still top-15 potential here. Instead, he goes to a Seahawks team with Justin Forsett and Leon Washington already in town. It is now a waiting game for Forsett and Lynch owners to see how the carries will be divied up. I expect it to be a hot-hand timeshare and the touches to be completely unpredictable. Good luck.

*Max Hall was officially named the starter for Arizona today. In 12 team leagues or less, he should be owned has a backup. In 14+ team leagues and multi-QB, he is a low end, but useful, starter.


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