Week 5 review

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Max Hall beat the Super Bowl champs in his first career start. Not bad eh? 168 yards and an interception isn’t optimal, but he showed some important signs. First, he made some big throws in big spots. On third and short, Arizona feels comfortable with the ball in his hands. Second and most important, he gets along with Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is the man on that team. Derek Anderson didn’t get along with him and is gone. Same goes for Matt Leinart. With the Colts, Peyton Manning gets what he wants. Think of Kobe Bryant in LA, Alex Ovechkin in Washington, and Jack Nicholson in Hollywood. Stars get what they want and Fitz wants Hall.

Moving on, Phillip Rivers and Tony Romo both topped 400 yards in losing efforts. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about Kevin Kolb… he was actually pretty good. 21-31, 253 yards and a touchdown in the win. That’s a 103.3 passer rating. People have also been complaining about Alex Smith… and his 25-39, 309 and three touchdowns. Yes, he threw two interceptions, but that’s still very useful in fantasy.

Looking at season standing, I look at per game rankings because some teams have played five versus others with only four. Kyle Orton is second in the league with 346.6 passing yards per game, to go with eight scores and only three interceptions. Donovan McNabb is sixth at 263 yards per game. Mark Sanchez is fourth with a 105.3 passer rating.

Matt Forte led all rushers with 166 yards, and two scores. Ray Rice and Chris Johnson also topped 130 yards and scored twice each. Brandon Jackson had 115 on ten carries, but much of that was on a 71-yard burst in the first half.

Adrian Peterson, who plays tonight, leads all rushers with 130.7 yards per game. Arian Foster (112.4), Darren McFadden (98), Ahmad Bradshaw (89.8) and Ladanian Tomlinson (85.2) are surprising members of the top ten in rushing yards per game.

Malcom Floyd had 213 yards and a touchdown in a career day. Brandon Lloyd and Hakeem Nicks both topped 130 and each had two scores. Danny Amendola of the Rams led all receivers with 12 catches. He had 95 yards.

Colts Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie are number one and two on the most receptions list so far with 39 and 37 respectively. Amendola is actually fourth with 33. He is an interesting add. Lloyd is second with 117.7 yards per game. But the real star of fantasy so far has been Antonio Gates. He is fifth (among WR AND TE) with 95.6 yards per game. Even more intriguing is the list of receiving touchdown leaders so far. Gates is first with seven, Nicks is second with six, Austin Collie, Dustin Keller, and Mercedes Lewis are tied with five. In comparison, Andre Johnson has one. Miles Austin has two. Deshean Jackson has two. Brandon Marshall has one, and Marques Colston has zero.

The season has been full of surprises so far. And things are just getting started.


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