Trade bait and targets

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Who would I be trying to trade and for who?

Let’s start with trade bait, these are guys that, if they were on my team, I’d be trying to trade.

Ben Roethlisberger‘s stock will never be higher. Fantasy players are all about unproven potential. I’m not saying he will be BAD. He is a borderline top-10 QB. But if your starting quarterback is solid, his trade value is at its peak right now.

Matt Schaub is another top-10 QB. However, Arian Foster has given Houston its first consistent, solid running back which made 40 passing attempts per game unnecessary. Also, with Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones injured, its difficult to say how his targets will perform week-to-week.

Jason Campbell has never been successful. He fell on the love side of Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate and suddenly people went crazy for him. Meanwhile, he sat firmly on my busts AND overrated list. If you are unfortunate enough to own him, now is the time to try and get some measure of value.

I’m STILL not buying Michael Vick. But many people are. Go and trade him for an elite player (whichever position you need) and laugh all the way home. Don’t scoff at the idea. People will do it.

If you have read ANYTHING I’ve written, you know my feelings on Brett Favre. Nothing has changed, except for he finally had a good week, so take this slim window of opportunity to dump him on someone else.

Ryan Mathews is just coming back from injury and looked pretty good in limited week five playing time. But I still hate rookies. And with Mike Tolbert possibly getting goal line carries, Mathews has limited upside for this season. You might get someone to deal you an established and unchallenged starter for him and you should jump on it.

Thomas Jones is about to see his carries diminish. It was only a matter of time before the clearly more talented Jamaal Charles would get more and more carries. The transition is not complete yet so you might be able to deal him for a starter’s price.

Deangelo Williams… Always be wary of the fluke season. In 2008, Williams had 273 carries in 16 starts for 1,515 rushing yards and 18 rushing TDs. In the other four seasons he has been in the NFL, he has never topped seven touchdowns, 1,200 yards, and has never made more than 13 starts. He is considered “elite” by many experts and therefore makes fantastic trade bait.

Terrell Owens has too many people fooled. He is not an elite receiver anymore, but enough people to think so to make him attractive in a trade for someone who is hurting at WR.

Trade Randy Moss NOW! I traded him last week. He is going from a top-5 QB to Ol’ Brett. He is going from a team with no running game to a team with the best runner in the game. He is still considered a top-5 WR, and that will only last for a couple more weeks so peddle him at an elite WR price while you can.


Now… who are the targets you should be trying to get right now? Who is undervalued?

Josh Freeman is a solid young quarterback. He is quietly having a pretty consistent season. He shouldn’t be starting in a standard 12-team league, but he is a solid #2 QB and can be started in a multi-QB league.

Vince Young showed what he can do in week five. This might be your last chance to go get him before he shows he can repeat the performance on a regular basis and becomes a consensus top-15 QB.

Knowshon Moreno has been hurt and that irks fantasy owners to the point of dealing him out of frustration. This is the time to strike. The Broncos have the Jets in week six. Moreno might be out week six, but he is almost certain to play week seven and look at the opponents after that. Raiders twice, 49ers, Chiefs twice, Chargers twice, Rams, Cardinals, and Texans. Yummy!

Marshawn Lynch is more talented than Justin Forsett. I fully expect him to get enough carries to be a useful flex play. But there is upside for a lot more. For the price, its good value.

Fred Jackson was the back I’ve been calling for since the start of the season in Buffalo. Now that Lynch is gone, Jackson should get his shot and I expect him to take full advantage. He should come pretty cheap and pay exponential dividends.

Jonathan Stewart is the other side of the Panthers’ coin. Williams has been getting the majority of the carries so far, but he is extremely fragile. One injury and Stewart becomes a top-15 RB option. If you can get him cheap, it would be a good idea to take advantage.

Maurice Jones-Drew was a consensus top-4 draft pick, and he will remind us why. But for now, impatient owners might be listening to offers, and you should absolutely pursue that. Don’t pay for him like an elite running back. But if you can get him at a discount, go for it.

Greg Jennings has not lived up to his top-10 WR billing yet. But with the injury to Jermichael Finley his targets will increase. He is still an elite talent who’s price might never get any lower. Don’t miss out.

Dexter McCluster is a rare, inhuman blur when he runs by you. The Chiefs are beginning to realize Dwayne Bowe will never live up to his potential, and McCluster is the receiver of the future. As they learn how to employ his unique skills, his touches will increase and highlight reel appearances will come with it.

Michael Crabtree is going to be an elite receiver in this league. That probably won’t be this year, but someday soon. For this year, he should end the year among the top-20 WR in fantasy. Right now, he only has one relevant game on the season, so go pay for a mid range #2 WR and enjoy the spoils of a low end #1 to very high end #2.

Jacoby Jones has the tools of Andre Johnson. If he can put it all together, and Schaub finds him more often, Jones can become a legit fantasy threat. If he is even owned in your league, you might be able to get him for some scrubs, in which case you should.

One key not on all these players, don’t overpay or undersell. They are on this list because they can be had for cheaper than they are worth. You don’t NEED any of these guys, so don’t sound needy in negotiations. Come at it as a casual interest and be smart. Value can be found.

  1. peoplespigskin says:

    Since you brought up Roethlisberger, what are your thoughts on trading for Rashard Mendenhall. In my opinion, he should be the biggest beneficiary of Roethlisberger’s return, especially in week 6 against the Browns. After all, the defense won’t be able to stuff the box anymore and bet the quarterback will throw wounded ducks all day. Is he a trade target, or am I crazy? (Yes, you can say both. I’ve heard that before.) Thanks.


  2. […] what I said about the two Panthers RB two weeks ago. How about a month ago? I told you Deangelo Williams would get banged up. I told you Jonathan […]

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