Trade targets and bait to fish for them

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Fantasy Football

TRADE FOR MAURICE JONES-DREW! He is getting enough touches to be a beast, and is too talented to misuse them. PLUS, the Jaguars have a fantastic schedule for running backs the rest of the year. If you can get him at any type of discount, take it.

Trade Thomas Jones. It’s only a matter of time before Jamaal Charles is the featured back in Kansas City, so deal him for value before that happens.

Trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I’m buying. I know the Bills offense isn’t very good. I know he doesn’t have an elite target and Lee Evans, his number one, is old. I know they have an inconsistent running game. I also know he has a 102.2 passer rating and 11 touchdowns in four games… I’m buying.

Trade Matt Cassell. Yes, he has had some good weeks, but this is a running and defense team. He won’t produce consistently, so when his performance spikes, sell high.

Trade for Vincent Jackson. If he is owned in your league, this might be the last week owners will sell on him before they realize he is coming back soon and will go back to being Philip Rivers’ favorite wideout.

Trade Malcom Floyd. See V. Jackson

Trade for Knowshon Moreno. Yes, the Broncos pass-first. But Moreno is too talented to not produce. They will get the ball in his hands, and he won’t waste the chances now that he is healthy. Get him while you can.




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