Week 8 add/drop

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Fantasy Football

ADD Troy Smith (0% owned in ESPN leagues)! He is starting for the 49ers this week and, with Alex Smith’s play, this might become a wide open job if Troy plays well and shows confidence with the offense, especially Michael Crabtree.

ADD Vincent Jackson (52.6% owned). He is coming back to the Chargers week 12 and should make an immediate impact.

DROP Mike Tolbert (66.4%). I know he has scored in four straight games, but his carries have gone 17, 16, 12, 3, 2 in the last five weeks.

ADD Tony Romo (88%). There will be owners who will dump him, assuming he will be out for the season. If one of these is in your league, grab him. Romo could be back just in time for fantasy playoffs.

DROP Ricky Williams (83%). He has no rushing touchdowns and 64 yards in his best week.

ADD Sidney Rice (28%). Rice is coming back in the next few weeks and, with Randy Moss getting all the attention, he should be one-on-one most plays.

DROP Lance Moore (70%). Other than one huge game, he hasn’t been over 60 yards this year, and touchdowns in that offense are unpredictable. Use this roster spot elsewhere.


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