Walking the Walk- week 8

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Fantasy Football

As both teams’ players are done, I can tell you how my team did for week eight. Adrian Peterson (34) and Antonio Gates (32) were my top scorers. Marshawn Lynch gave me a whopping ZERO points. Luckily, I got 24 from Troy Smith (who I told you to add). On the other side, Matthew Stafford, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Darren McFadden were all good, but Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams (SEA) scored a total of 11 points, and Vernon Davis added two. He got 24 from the Packers DST shutting out the Jets.

The score was 159-152 going into the Sunday night game. I had Marques Colston and he had Hines Ward as our last players of the week. Colston went for 75 and a touchdown, 21 points, while Ward finished with 15 yards and three points. I win 180-155 and improve to 6-2 on the season.


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