Well done, New England.

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Fantasy Football

How about the Patriots front office? They take Randy Moss from the Raiders for a fourth round pick (#110, which Oakland used on CB John Bowie), use him to win a Super Bowl, then trade him to the Vikings for a third round pick. Moss played four games for Minnesota. He caught 13 passes for 174 and two scores. Moss has just been waived by the Vikings. This is why the Patriots are constantly good. Just looking at their 2011 draft, they have a first round pick from the Raiders, a second from the Panthers, a third from the Vikings, a fourth from Denver, and a sixth and seventh from New Orleans.

FYI, John Bowie, who the Raiders essentially got for Moss, went on injured reserve for the 2008 season with a knee injury. On September 30, 2009, he was placed on IR and then waived by the Raiders. He has been picked up and waived twice by the Browns this year and signed with the Hartford Colonials of the UFL on September 3. He never played in a game for the Raiders.


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