Schedules for and against

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I was looking over some teams and their schedules, and there are some players whose values are monumentally affected by their remaining schedules. Now, I know I’ve spent a good amount of time bashing on the Bengals. (Nevermind that they are 2-5 and I was right about most of it) But look at the rest of their schedule… they have the Steelers (#1 rush D in yards allowed per game) TWICE, Jets (#4), Saints (#16), Chargers (#2), Ravens (#17), and underrated Browns (#19) run D. That’s four games against top 4 rush defenses. You might consider that in owning, or trading for Cedric Benson.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks have dates with Arizona (#29 run D), Carolina (#21), and Tampa Bay (#30). Even without an offensive line to speak of, that schedule looks pretty nice for Marshawn Lynch.

The Jaguars have a fun home-stretch coming. They play Houston (dead last in yards allowed per game) TWICE. They also get Washington (#31), Cleveland (#22) and Indianapolis (#17). That’s why I’m still buying Maurice Jones-Drew and I wouldn’t mind owning David Garrard.

Finally, the Texans get Jacksonville (#30) twice, Tennessee (#20) twice, and the Broncos (#24). I expect big finishes out of Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and even perhaps Jacoby Jones.

So those are just some things I noticed. That doesn’t mean to overpay or undersell for those guys. Fantasy football is all about value. Those are just some things that affect the way I’d value certain people.


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