Week 9 add/drop

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Fantasy Football

If Troy Smith (2% owned) is still unowned, add him. Same goes for LeGarrette Blount (21%). Mike Tolbert (60%) has now scored in five straight games. He is the new Lendale White. Deeper leagues can find value there. But 10-teamers shouldn’t own him, except as a handcuff to Ryan Mathews.

I wouldn’t drop Steve Johnson (51%) as much as try to trade him now, while his value is so high. Drop Robert Meachem (61%). I wouldn’t mind adding Jacob Tamme (5%) but I wouldn’t want to start him yet. It is really time to drop Jerome Harrison (50%) if you haven’t yet. I wouldn’t want Jeremy Shockey (55%) on my team. He has topped 40 yards twice, and scored twice, and never in the same week. Why do 60% of leagues still own Darren Sproles???

Shallower leagues can drop Donovan McNabb (90%). Even if he starts, the team has shown no confidence in him. Maybe you don’t drop them, but Pierre Thomas (88.8%) and Justin Forsett (74.4%) won’t be useful in any but the deepest leagues. And it baffles me that Ricky Williams is still owned in 83% of leagues.

It’s also not a bad idea to add Nate Washington. Moss will distract enough defenders to get him so open looks. Also add Sidney Rice (28%) now! He is off the PUP list and will be activated in the next three weeks.


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