Posted: November 4, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I got an email today from Justin in North Carolina: “You have the same problem as all the ESPN experts. Stop editorializing. You talk so much, the point gets lost. Give me the facts and the names and your advice. I dont have time to fish around.” So be it.

Jamaal Charles 119 touches, 857 yards. Thomas Jones 122 touches, 559 yards. Buy Charles, sell Jones.

Ahmad Bradshaw 5.3 yards per carry, Beanie Wells 3.3. Buy Bradshaw, sell Wells.

Hakeem Nicks 8 touchdowns, Chad Ochocinco 2 touchdowns. Buy Nicks, sell Ochocinco

Danny Amendola 45 receptions, Dwayne Bowe 21 receptions…

Vince Young 103.1 passer rating, Brett Favre 69.8 (Told ya so)

Now, how about some statistics you may not have noticed. Do with them what you will.

Favre (owned 82% of leagues, started 40%) has a lower passer rating and LESS passing touchdowns than Alex Smith (9.9%/2.5%)

David Garrard is fifth in the NFL with 13 touchdown passes.
Kyle Orton
is second in the NFL with 2,509 passing yards.
Darren McFadden
is FIRST in the NFL with 111.3 rushing yards per game.
Cedric Benson is sixth in the NFL with 20.4 carries per game.
Mike Tolbert is second and BenJarvis Green-Ellis fourth in rushing touchdowns with seven and six.
Austin Collie has six receiving touchdowns. Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon have four combined.

Just some stats I found interesting. Especially when a touchdown is equal to 60 rushing/receiving yards, and 100 passing yards.




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