Walking the Walk- Painful Move!

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I HATED doing this for many reasons, but I dropped Max Hall for Randy McMichael. The first reason I hated it is I still think Hall could potentially become a solid option, even later this season. Second, I detest handcuffs. Using a roster spot on someone you hope never plays is dumb to me. Third, this move signifies my concession that Antonio Gates might actually not play on Sunday.

So why do it? I’m 6-2, leading my division, and facing another 6-2 team (in the other division). This week is very important for me because NEXT week (week 10) I will be without Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Marques Colston, Gates, and Malcom Floyd all on bye weeks. I am not facing a very good team, but with that many stars out, and in such a close division,  (two teams are one game behind me), I really want to be 7-2 going into that week. This week’s matchup is a solid team, and I expect it to be close. This makes the loss of Gates that much more painful (especially after the additional loss of Tony Romo) but I need to get points from every lineup spot, which means adding a tight end (I NEVER carry two TE, DST, or K at one time). The best TE options were Kevin Boss, Tony Scheffler, and McMicheal. The Chargers play the woeful Texans pass-D, so he has the highest upside, and Philip Rivers has gotten used to looking for his TE.

So be it. On Wednesday, someone else will add Hall, Thursday the Cardinals will announce he is again the starter, and next Sunday he will throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns. Such is fantasy football.

Week 9 lineup as it looks right now

QB- Aaron Rodgers

RB- Adrian Peterson

RB- Cedric Benson

WR- Roddy White

WR- Marques Colston

WR- Greg Jennings

TE- Antonio Gates (McMicheal if he is out)

OP- Marshawn Lynch

OP- Danny Woodhead

DST- Giants

K- Jason Hanson

BYE: Troy Smith


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