Posted: November 11, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man

Matt Schaub or Vince Young for the rest of the year? -Vinnie, Carolina

Well Vinnie, Schaub has better weapons, but Young has an easier schedule. My gut leans toward Young. He has been consistent, he has Randy Moss now, and Chris Johnson keeps teams honest. Thanks for the question.

Fantasy X-Man,

I was offered CJ Spiller for Thomas Jones in a keeper league. My season is lost. Would you do it? -Mike, St. Louis

Mike, That’s actually an interesting deal. If your league keeps enough players where you know you would be keeping Spiller, then yes I would do it. However, Spiller is a ways down in my mind’s ranking of keepers, so you must either have a horrible team or be in a dynasty type league that keeps a lot of players per team.
(NOTE: I will post keeper rankings at the end of the season)

Dear Fantasy X-Man,

Your midseason rankings are a joke. Matt Ryan #7? Ahmad Bradshaw almost in the top-10? And you have Shonn Greene ahead of Tomlinson! -Your mom

Hi Mom! haha Well, I can understand how these rankings might surprise you, but each one has legitimate reasons. Ryan has Carolina twice. He also gets Tampa Bay, Seattle, New Orleans, and St. Louis. Bradshaw is third in rushing yards, fourth among RB in yards per carry, and eighth in rushing touchdowns. Hard not to put him near the top with all that. Greene is more of a suspicion of things to come. I watched LT break down in San Diego around this time for the last few years. I fully expect Greene to make his move soon, taking more carries until the last few weeks when he will be the premiere back on the Jets.
Thanks for the questions everyone. Keep em coming.

  1. john says:

    who do i start

    Randy Moss
    Mario Manningham
    or Braylon Edwards

    I am starting make wallace can only play 2 wr in my league so i need to start one of the first mentioned three

    any help and why would be appreciated

  2. chaz says:

    So, tomorrow’s the trade deadline in my league. I’m towards the bottom of the league, needed to make a move.

    keep in mind, I have Drew Brees, so Big Ben would only start for me this week.

    I traded Big Ben, MSW, and J Stew for S Bradford, Blount, and V Jax.

    I’ve been trying to get something good for Ben and Brees ever since Ben came back and no one would budge. I needed to make a move as i’m in the bottom of the league…

    What’s your thoughts… now I can play Blount at flex with Benson and S Jax as my RBS,
    WR – R Moss, Wallace, V Jax, S Rice, and Britt.

    Just wondering what you guys think? Did I make a decent desperation move?

    • I never encourage desperation moves. And I’m not sold on Blount. Personally, Ben is way better than Freeman. I dont know what to make of Vincent Jackson yet, so I cant comment on him. I wouldnt have made the deal, but as a desperation move, I understand it.

  3. Joshua says:

    ASAP: Anquan playing tonight against ATL or LT against Cleveland?

  4. Joshua says:

    Have another one for you. I have been going back and forth about a trade. Give Big Ben, Anquan Boldin, and LT for Brees and DAnny Moorehead. I declined because I was trying to do the trade minus LT plus Aaron Hernandez.

    my team also has:
    Matt Ryan, (added today Carson Palmer)

    Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson

    Calvin Johnson, Fred Jackson, (added today Vincent Jackson)

    Jacob Tamme, Aaron Hernandez, Chris Cooley


  5. John says:

    Is Beanie Wells worth a start this week? It’s either him or Danny Woodhead for me at the flex this week.


    • This is a tough one. I say Wells ONLY because of matchup. Seattle is far more running back friendly than Pittsburgh. If the Patriots were playing just about anyone else, I’d rather have Woodhead

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