Posted: November 18, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man

I noticed you add and drop people fairly often. Whereas, some leagues I’ve been in, people won’t change their roster for three weeks or more, wanting to give their guys a fair chance. What kind of loyalty do you have to your players? Tony, Franklin Lakes


To answer your question, none. The last two or three guys on the end of my roster are expendable. Notice, I added Javarris James because he is the hot hand in Indianapolis. Now that Joseph Addai and the rest of the backfield is getting healthy, if James goes back to being buried on the depth chart, he will be dropped for the next streaking back. Every once in a while, a streak turns into a full-fledged job (i.e. Hillis). With Marshawn Lynch, Mike Tolbert, and Danny Woodhead already on my bench, I can afford to buy into streaky players and I might catch lightning in a bottle with one of them.

Fantasy X-Man

You totally got screwed in your last trade. This really makes me wonder how reliable your advice is. Benson, Colston, and Floyd??? Colston and Floyd are EACH top WRs for the best QBs in the game. And you got Brandon Marshall with Thigpen throwing to him. What were you thinking? Skeptic, New York

Dearest Skeptic

My goal was to upgrade my RB2, and I did that by far. As far as the WR downgrade. Floyd would have been stuck on my bench, so that’s zero points I’m giving up. Colston did hurt to trade, but then again, in that offense, he could very well get left out in a given week. Meanwhile, as the new guy, Thigpen should be anxious to befriend his only star target. That means throwing to him early and often. So Marshall absolutely has big upside. Finally, in a 14-team league, I’d rather have Brandon Marshall as my THIRD best receiver, than Cedric Benson as my second best RB. Both Benson and Colston could disappear for a week at times. Going into fantasy playoffs, you can’t afford that. Rice, I suspect, will never disappear, and Marshall’s upside is worth the risk, especially when he is in a position that you generally don’t EXPECT too much from.

Fantasy X-Man

My best players are Kyle Orton, Steven Jackson, and Anquan Boldin. I’m facing a guy with Matt Schaub, Miles Austin, and Leshean McCoy. Will I win? Ronald, Downey


Hang on one second while I go get my crystal ball……..


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