Snakes and Ladders- Week 11

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Now that byes are behind us, roster moves become more important because they are based on strategy, instead of necessity. Get as much information as possible to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a look at who is getting bit by snakes first…

Michael Vick is not going to top his Monday night performance. Therefore he has to come down. If you paid for 413 total yards and six TDs, you’ve been had. This week, he faces the Giants, so I’d expect Deshean Jackson to come down a bit too.

The Raiders are about to come back down to Earth, meeting an embarrassed Steelers team at Heinz Field. Jason Campbell, Darren McFadden, and all the receivers should have rough days. McFadden is the only one I would want to be starting this week.

Two teams I’m tentatively on board with are the Chiefs and Cowboys, so I would rather not have to use Shaun Hill, Jahvid Best, Derek Anderson, Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower, Steve Breaston, and Larry Fitzgerald. However, I think Early Doucet has some upside.

The Redskins are going into Tennessee, which makes Donovan McNabb, Santana Moss, and all the running backs very risky. But none of those guys are particularly consistent anyway.

Obviously, Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster are scary plays against the Jets.

Now… who is climbing a ladder this week?

Anyone playing the Texans defense gets a value boost. Mark Sanchez, his compliment of receivers, and Dustin Keller are all advisable. I also expect Shonn Greene to bust out one of these weeks, and who better to do it against?

Both Peyton Hillis, And Colt McCoy should be useful against Jacksonville. Also look out for Mohammed Massaquoi in the game. McCoy seems to be growing more confident with him.

Ray Rice should have a solid week as the Panthers are horrible against the run. But he is a must-start regardless.

Sidney Rice is climbing merely because he is expected to be back. Also, don’t be surprised if he see Tavaris Jackson come in at some point.

All the Chargers offensive players are up against the porous Broncos defense.



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