NFL Power Rankings

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Fantasy Football

This is not relating to fantasy, but the 32 NFL teams as of today.

1 New England Patriots 8-2- Every week, Brady and a bunch of unknowns are getting it done.
2 New York Jets 8-2- Mark Sanchez has stepped into the leadership role they needed.
3 Atlanta Falcons 8-2- Matt Ryan and Roddy White might be the Manning/Harrison of the next decade.
4 Green Bay Packers 7-3- If not Ryan/White, why not Rodgers and Jennings? Under appreciated defense here.
5 Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3- The defense is remarkable, and Big Ben makes the plays they need most.
6 Indianapolis Colts 6-4- Manning’s offense held under 20 just once, 19-9 win over Chiefs.
7 Philadelphia Eagles 7-3- Michael Vick and company are suddenly contenders again. Who woulda thunk it?
8 Baltimore Ravens 7-3- Ray Rice has awoken and is carrying Baltimore. Flacco unspectacular, but solid.
9 New Orleans Saints 7-3- Drew Brees’ team is quietly plowing ahead.
10 Chicago Bears 7-3- Most unsteady 7-3 team playing. Cutler could throw four picks any week, to any team.
11 San Diego Chargers 5-5- Rivers is playing like the best quarterback in the NFL.
12 New York Giants 6-4- Now minus Nicks AND Smith, Manning needs ManningHAM to step up.
13 Kansas City Chiefs 6-4- 8-8 might be enough to win putrid AFC West.
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-3- Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount pleasant surprises thus far. Trust worthy?
15 Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4- David Garrard having a monster season.
16 Washington Redskins 5-5- Surprised they are 5-5? Me too. McNabb is still a winner.
17 Miami Dolphins 5-5- Tyler Thigpen needs O-line to give him some time. Questions all over the field.
18 Houston Texans 4-6- Arian Foster bright spot in struggling offense.
19 St. Louis Rams 4-6- Sam Bradford will be a star for years to come.
20 Oakland Raiders 5-5- Jason Campbell will never win a super bowl. Won’t win 2010 AFC West either.
21 Seattle Seahawks 5-5- They need a running game of some kind with QB made of glass.
22 Dallas Cowboys 3-7- On a role with new coach.
23Cleveland Browns 3-7- Injury to McCoy would devastate this team.
24 San Francisco 49ers 3-7- Troy Smith better than expected in first three starts, but 21-0 loss this week still ugly.
25 Tennessee Titans 5-5- Rusty Smith at QB………
26 Minnesota Vikings 3-7- Good bye Childress, good bye Favre?
27 Denver Broncos 3-7- Not Orton’s fault. Would blame the defense, if we could find any.
28 Detroit Lions 2-8- Shaun Hill solid replacement for oft injured Stafford.
29 Arizona Cardinals 3-7- No run game. No defense. Derek Anderson under center…
30 Cincinnati Bengals 2-8- I told you so.
31 Buffalo Bills 2-8- Ryan Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson fun to watch. Offense isn’t half bad. Defense is though.
32 Carolina Panthers 1-9- Mike Goodson providing a little light in dark place.

The top nine teams have studs under center. That’s no coincidence. It is a quarterbacks’ league. Right now, I’d put New England vs. Atlanta in NFC title game, Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis in AFC title game.


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