Posted: November 23, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man,

If you re-did rankings now, where would Mike Tolbert fall among RBs? Also, is Brandon Marshall dead or is he a buy-low? Thanks. -Michael, Davis


Asking about two guys I own is a good way to get published. If I re-did my rankings, Tolbert would be around #20 among RBs. If Ryan Mathews is healthy, he is between 25-30. And I would neither drop Marshall, nor trade for him. Let’s see just how serious the hamstring injury is.

Fantasy X-Man,

Sidney Rice and Vincent Jackson are back. Where do you value them? And what about Manningham with Nicks’ injury? How can you rank him with Smith also out? -Jackson, Miami


Rice and Jackson should both be owned. I actually like Jackson more, now that it sounds like Rivers hasn’t had any trouble re-connecting with him at practice. Both are starters in 12-team standard leagues. Rice get more yards, but I think Jackson will get more touchdowns, and more big plays.

Hey Fantasy X-Man,

How will the Chargers’ targets get spread around now that Jackson is back, assuming Gates is back in there next week? Scott, SD


Reports out of Chargers’ practice are indicating Rivers and Vincent Jackson are connecting. If that’s the case, I think Jackson and Gates will both 1A and 1B in that offense. Malcom Floyd is three, and Naanee looks fourth. Crayton, Sproles, and Tolbert/Mathews will get some targets as well.

Fantasy X-Man,

You’re analysis is a joke. I can’t believe you talked up Vince Young so much. You frikn loved him. You talk crap about Chris Johnson and said AP would be better and Johnson is constantly awesome, and you discount Arian Foster in your rankings and he keeps putting up huge numbers. -Your only smart reader

Well sir,

First of all, I’m sure you aren’t my only smart reader. Let me point out just a few things. Vince Young is fifth in passer rating among ALL QBs. He has 10 passing touchdowns, and just three interceptions, add in his rushing ability and he certainly hasn’t been bad. He also hasn’t broken out like I’d hoped, but he also hasn’t grown up as much as it seemed. Chris Johnson is ninth in yards per carry (min. 100), Peterson is eighth. He is tenth among RBs in all-purpose yards per game, Peterson is third. Yes, Johnson has a lot of touchdowns, but on the weeks he doesn’t score, his overall numbers are blah. And I talk down Foster because he has the Titans twice, also the Eagles and Ravens coming at him. I don’t like those matchups, so I think his production will dip. Thank you for the comment though.


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