Posted: November 27, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man,

I was able to add Rusty Smith this week for $3. My league starts two QBs. My other QBs are Bruce Gradkowski (who was named the starter today) and Joe Flacco. Would you start Smith over Gradkowski? Also, Chris Ivory scored two touchdowns on Thanksgiving, but didn’t do much else. What should I expect from him going forward? Coco, Los Angeles

Well Coco,

I would rather have Gradkowski than Smith starting this week, although neither is particularly appetizing. I just really hesitate to start anyone making their NFL debut. As far as Ivory goes, I think what we saw is what we can expect. The Saints are pass first, and really pass second too. Ivory will get short yardage carries, and goal line touchdowns. But with Bush back and Pierre Thomas coming, don’t expect many touches.

Fantasy X-Man,

Dez Bryant had no catches on Thursday. Until then, he looked like Jon Kitna’s favorite target. What receivers can be used from the Cowboys? Glenn, Oklahoma


It’s impossible to know who will get the targets for that offense. I think Witten will get more catches down the stretch than he did with Romo. If you’ve read this website, you know I HATE rookies. Dez Bryant will have days where he gets some big plays and solid points, and he will disappear other days. Miles Austin is still the only receiver I’d want to be starting for my fantasy team in a given week.

Fantasy X-Man,

I know you’ve talked about saving budget for that last big waiver add for the end of the season. Any idea who that might be? -Marco, San Francisco


Keiland Williams and Shonn Greene are early possibilities. But I also wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two more major injuries that could make room for that guy. If I had to name one, I would look closely at guys who are backing up injury risks. That means Kenneth Darby is someone I’m keeping an eye on. He isn’t worth adding yet, but I know Steven Jackson, so I’d have one eye on every Rams game.

Fantasy X-Man,

I’m in a dynasty league that only drafts rookies. What college players would be on your radar as NFL ready players? Thanks. -Nick, Arkansas


I like that idea. And its a good question. Andrew Luck is the guy every scout is talking about. I’ve never heard so many experts talking up a single player. The last few years, there hasn’t been a single guy that had no doubters. I haven’t heard one against Luck. Obviously, his immediate impact depends where he lands. Mark Ingram looks good, and is smart enough to learn a complex offense. Julio Jones and AJ Green are two receivers that have the physical tools, as does quarterback Ryan Mallet. There are two guys that will probably go on the second day of the draft that I think could really be pleasant surprises. Keep an eye on Boise St. QB Kellen Moore if he declares for the draft, and Alabama QB Greg McElroy. Both have very high football IQ’s and we have seen with Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford, winners just know how to win.

Fantasy X-Man,

Antonio Gates looks like he will not be playing this week. I try not to own two TEs at the same time, but now I have to add one. Who would you want? Troy, Ohio


I like Kevin Boss with Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks out. Joel Dressen was great in relief of Owen Daniels, so as long as Daniels is out, Dressen is useful. Obviously, Randy McMichael is the logical choice to replace Gates, but with Vincent Jackson coming back, I have my doubts about whether he will get targets.


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