Posted: November 29, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man,

Good call on Ben Obomanu in your add/drop column. BUT I dropped Celek, and Vick was throwing his way all day! Should I pay to get him back? My only tight end is Boss. Cody, Indiana


I saw Brent Celek getting a lot of attention, however Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks look like they will both be out week 13, so I would stick with Kevin Boss and see if Celek gets the same amount of targets next week. If he does, then maybe you go get him back. But I’m not buying it on one week after a season of nothing.

Fantasy X-Man,

I know you own and benched Troy Smith this week. What are your thoughts going forward? Ally, Cali

Well Ally from Cali,

Tonight is make or break for Smith as much as it is for the 49ers (and it really is for them). If he can’t do it against Arizona, he can’t be trusted. Mike Tolbert performed well enough to stay a starter AT LEAST as long as Ryan Mathews is out, so I could afford to wait on Smith. I wouldn’t want him as my starting QB, but as an offensive flex (OP) or a backup, you could certainly do worse.

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you choose what emails to post on the website? -Ken, Fort Worth


I mainly look for questions that seem to come from multiple people. For instance, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions this morning about Toby Gerhart, and so I will use this opportunity to say, he is worth an add in all leagues, but don’t overpay in a budget league. I might put $4-5 in a $100 budget league. I also like to post people who complain about predictions I’ve made that don’t work out, because I often had good reasons to believe what I said, and its only fair if I cost you points or, God forbid, lost your week for you, that I explain myself. Just because the guy you benched scored more than the starter, doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision. Also, any questions that are witty, or particularly interesting, I will post just because they are fun to answer.

Fantasy X-Man,

HAHAHA Adrian Peterson is hurt! I’m glad I took Chris Johnson #1 now. Don’t you feel stupid? -Smarter than you, Texas

Dear Smarter Than You,

Chris Johnson… nine touches for seven total yards yesterday… Peterson had 70 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Also, reports are he was asking to go back in the game, but was kept out as a precaution. However, injuries are unpredictable, so no I don’t feel stupid for telling you to take AP. Peterson has been the more reliable back all season. However, congratulations on getting all those points from Chris yesterday.


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