Posted: November 29, 2010 in Fantasy Football

As the season winds down with trade deadlines and playoff preparations, I will try to post more Q&A.

Fantasy X-Man,

I have Brandon Jackson, Jahvid Best, and Felix Jones. Ray Rice is my top RB. But I can’t seem to decide which to play in the other RB spot. Our league doesn’t have a flex and I always seem to pick the wrong one. Any advice? -Joe, Wisconsin


First of all let me say, I’m impressed, as a Wisconsin native, you aren’t just blindly starting Jackson every week. Well done. I would leave Best out of the conversation for now, because turf toe tends to hang around. Week 13, I would start Jones against the Colts. Week 14 I’d take Jackson against the Lions, because Jones has the Eagles. Week 15 I would want Jones at home against Washington. Week 16 I would take Jones against Arizona versus Jackson against the Giants, and if your league goes to week 17 like mine does, I’d want Jackson against he Bears because Jones is AT the Eagles.

Fantasy X-Man,

Dez Bryant had zero catches……… -Katie, Irvine


I know. That’s why I don’t like rookies. They have a habit of disappearing when you need them most. Frankly though, with Jon Kitna under center, Jason Witten is the ONLY safe bet there. I’d still rather have Miles Austin than Bryant.

Fantasy X-Man,

I’ve been following “Walking the Walk” and you haven’t really given any standings or anything so we know how good your team is really doing compared to the league. You should. -Crystal, Alabama


This has been a common question lately. So I will give you standings (I’ve numbered the teams by their draft order)
These are the standings going into this week. In each week review from now on, I will post updated standings so you can follow the action.

Div 1                                               Div 2
Team 14- 10-1                               Team 2 (ME)- 7-4
Team 10- 8-3                                Team 5- 7-4
Team 7- 7-4                                   Team 1- 6-5
Team 9- 7-4                                   Team 8- 5-6
Team 3- 4-7                                   Team 6- 3-8
Team 4- 4-7                                   Team 12- 3-8
Team 13- 4-7                                 Team 11- 2-9


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