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Posted: December 1, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I’ve made an effort on this website to make the information more accessible than it is on other websites. Some, like ESPN and CBS, promote articles that take a long time to read, (like this 4,000 word short novel leading up to Matthew Berry’s week 13 pickups) and maybe a third of it, if that, is useful to your fantasy team. Many of the people scouring the internet for information are either at work or school and have better things to spend their time on. That being said, I’ve tried to keep the articles fairly short and to the point. If you would prefer the quirky anecdotes and tangentile monologuing that is characteristic of many fantasy sports “experts” of today, I could go that direction, but it seems more beneficial to you, the reader, if the information is up front, analysis is short, relevant and understandable, and you can find what you need easily. Always feel free to send comments to my email box.


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