Posted: December 3, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Fantasy X-Man,

What’s your evaluation of Chris Ivory for the rest of the season? -Greg, San Antonio


As long as Pierre Thomas is out, he is the “workhorse” back. What does that mean for a Saints team that passes first and second? It means 15 touches per game, maybe 70 yards and a touchdown. That’s a decent expectation. IF, no guarantee, but IF Thomas comes back, he will cut severely into Ivory’s value.

Fantasy X-Man,

Would you start Brent Celek, Kevin Boss or Kellen Winslow over Gates, considering he is questionable and plays in the late game. -Impatient, Spokane


I might end up going with Boss myself. If the picture of Gates’ health isn’t cleared up before Sunday morning, Boss has some upside with Smith and Nicks still out. I wouldn’t start Winslow over Gates because I still expect Gates to play.

Fantasy X-Man,

Am I hurting myself by starting Tom Brady and the Jets DST? Should I bench one or the other? Alison, Brownsville


If you can find a DST with a good matchup, like the Browns or Seahawks, then go with them. You can’t bench Brady. If the Chargers DST is unowned in your league, I like them too.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where do you see Brandon Marshall now? Is he on Randy Moss’ level? Or is there still potential for some value? -Troy, Miami


No, he hasn’t fallen to Moss’ level yet, but he is also not a wise start this week. I would wait and see A: if he is back, and B: how much Chad Henne looks at him if he is. Marshall could still have some value the rest of the season if teams load up against the run game and force Henne to throw.

Fantasy X-Man,

What do I do with Mike Tolbert? Now it looks like Mathews will be back AND Tolbert is hurt. -Scott, New Jersey


I am wrestling with the same issue. If you have another useful option, I wouldn’t blame you for benching him, but if you have to start him, I expect him to play, and to play pretty good. I might end up benching him in my league for Chris Ivory or Troy Smith as he is one of my offensive flex spots. But if Tolbert practices today, I will probably leave him in there.

Fantasy X-Man,

My girlfriend is pissed at how much time I spend on fantasy football. How can I appease her and still be competitive in my league? Sleepless in Sacramento

Dear Sleepless,

I know the feeling. However, I have the excuse that fantasy football is “work” for me. haha But unless you are in an experts league, there is really little reason to be on for hours and hours per day. Other than checking injuries, putting in waiver bids, and setting lineups (all can be done in the morning each day), you don’t need to read every article out there, listen to all the podcasts out there, and check your roster every ten minutes to make sure nothing has changed……? If this girl is worth your time, she is worth sacrificing some of your fantasy time, and if she is below fantasy sports on your priority level and that doesn’t bother you, the she isn’t worth dating.


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