Posted: December 11, 2010 in Fantasy Football

I apologize for posting late. It’s finals week, and being one semester from my bachelor’s degree, I’m taking every paper and exam seriously. That being said, I’ve got some questions built up. Try to hit a few in this study break.

Fantasy X-Man,

Danny Woodhead has been on my bench for a while, and it seems some weeks he is totally irrelevant, and other weeks he is amazing, and I hate seeing the points go to waste. My RBs are Rice and Ivory, and WR are Sidney Rice, Calvin Johnson, and Kenny Britt. No flex. Should he be starting for me? -Jane, Iowa


I don’t think I could start Woodhead over any of those guys, but I also have had him on my bench, and know the feeling. But it is a plus that you have a useful backup for any injury.

Fantasy X-Man,

Aging receivers who have been solid for years. Hines Ward, Donald Driver, Chad Ochocinco. Which one would you bench? -Travis, Texas

I’m benching Ochocinco here, Travis.

With Heath Miller out, Ward should get increased looks from Big Ben. Greg Jennings is so hot, I think he will get some extra attention and Driver could get a ton of open looks. Meanwhile, I expect to always get something from Ward and Driver, but Ochocinco is liable to disappear entirely.

Fantasy X-Man,

I have an open roster spot (2-1 trade) in a super deep league. Can you give me a name that I don’t need to rely on, but can stash with some hope for upside. Can be any position. -Brian, Maine


I’ll give you several guys who fit that description. Kevin Kolb, Kenneth Darby, Anthony Armstrong.

Fantasy X-Man,

How does your lineup change going into playoffs from regular season matchups? -Nate, New Jersey


It doesn’t. If there’s any lineup that will get me through the playoffs, its the lineup that got me to them.

Fantasy X-Man,

Ryan Mathews worth an add in a 12-team standard league? Matthew, Hartford


I would say yes, worth an add. But I certainly wouldn’t want to have to use him as long as Tolbert is healthy.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you rank the San Diego Chargers for the rest of the season? I’m in a dynasty and the Chargers are my team so I have to have at least four of them on my team. -Winston, Oxford

Greetings to Winston in England.

I’d rank the Chargers- Rivers, Gates, Tolbert, Floyd, Naanee, Jackson, Ajirotutu.

Fantasy X-Man,

Steve Johnson or Dwayne Bowe for the rest of the season? -Tim, San Jose


It’s totally a matchup decision between them. Johnson 14 and 16, Bowe 15 and 17 in my opinion.

Thanks for the questions, guys. I will try to get to some more tomorrow afternoon.

  1. Jane says:

    Not going to play Bowe or Johnson. I’ve got Jennings but not sure if I should play Austin or Sidney Rice (who I just picked up).

    Thanks for your help!

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