Add/Drops for playoffs

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Fantasy Football

Finals week is over, and fantasy playoffs are starting. These are some guys I wouldn’t mind having, or dropping for the home stretch. This time of year, you can’t waste any roster spot on someone who doesn’t have any chance of helping you win the championship.

ADD Tim Tebow (2% owned)- I’m in the minority but I think he will be a stud starting QB in the NFL. Getting his first start this week against the Raiders. I like him.
DROP- Steve Smith NYG (81% owned)- done for the year on IR
ADD- Sam Bradford (33%)- A solid backup QB can save your season.
DROP- Donald Brown (65%)- Even if he is healthy, Javarris James and Mike Hart have been better. and Joseph Addai is coming back soon.
ADD- Kenneth Darby and Kevin Kolb– I know, I know. But Steven Jackson gets banged up constantly, and Michael Vick plays the type of game that could get him hurt on any play.
DROP- Chris Ivory (50%)- Between the injury, and Pierre Thomas being back, its hard to see him getting useful touches.
ADD- Anthony Dixon (9%)- It seems the 49ers will split carries as much as possible. Brian Westbrook has been the hot hand, but Dixon is explosive and Westbrook is an injury waiting to happen.
ADD- Alex Smith (7%)- Ends the year against the Rams and Cardinals. Should have a chance at solid games in both.
DROP- Someone want to tell me why Beanie Wells is still owned in 77% of leagues???

I’ll hit some Q&A later this afternoon.



  1. peoplespigskin says:

    Not sure I agree about Tim Tebow making his first start in the Black Hole. He has to deal Nnamdi Asomugha, his game plan probably involves 50 handoffs to Knowshon Moreno, and he’s dealing with the Black Hole. Let’s be honest; those folks probably aren’t in Tebow’s prayer circle, if you know what I mean.
    I am more bullish about Bradford. He’s got more games under his belt, he’s got an easier division and he’s already shown he can stare an NFL defense in the face and deliver a deep ball.


  2. I’m not saying I’d rather have Tebow than Bradford by any means. I’d rather have Bradford. But, like I said, I’m in the minority in buying into Tebow as a pro QB. And I think the Raiders will load the box against Moreno and make him throw, which might not win the Broncos the game, but could amount to a good statistical day for him.

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