First 2011 rankings- QB

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Its never too early to look to next season. These are my VERY preliminary rankings of quarterbacks for next year. Not much analysis because we don’t truly know who will be under center in some cities, but here’s what I think.

1. Tom Brady
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Phillip Rivers
4. Peyton Manning
5. Tony Romo
6. Drew Brees
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Michael Vick
9. Matt Ryan
10. Matt Schaub
11. Matt Cassel
12. Jay Cutler
13. Joe Flacco
14. David Garrard
15. Eli Manning
16. Josh Freeman
17. Sam Bradford
18. Mark Sanchez
19. Kyle Orton
20. Matthew Stafford
21. Carson Palmer
22. Alex Smith
23. Colt McCoy
24. Tim Tebow
25. Ryan Fitzpatrick
26. Andrew Luck
27. Joe Webb
28. Charlie Whitehurst
29. Tavaris Jackson
30. Derek Anderson
31. Kerry Collins

Luck is the only rookie worth a look. You think Vick is low? I originally listed him between 10-12 but decided the Eagles fast paced offense gives him a prayer of repeating this season. These rankings WILL change. I promise you that, as QB pictures become more clear, but this is a first look.


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