Trading Picks

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Players are more valuable than picks. People often overvalue draft picks because they come with limitless potential, but the fact of the matter is, in my 18 team keeper league, HALF of the first and second round picks (four keepers each, so fifth and sixth round) were busts. If I can get a somewhat consistent player, who I feel pretty confident will produce, trading picks for that is a bargain. Essentially I turn a draft pick and all the risk, into a known commodity. Now that is in the case of the somewhat reliable players. There are times where the potential you could get out of the pick, outweighs the potential you can get out of the player. So weigh the likely players available at those draft slots and see if there is more upside to the players who might be available or the player you’re being offered.

Also, don’t be too stingy with players you cant keep. If someone else wants to keep them, and you can get a pick out of it, you essentially get an extra pick for nothing. Always know a player’s value to you and how it differs from his value in general.


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