Discovering Alexei

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

As you may have noticed, these last couple weeks I have been pouring over stats, assembling my draft strategies, targets, sleepers, busts… guys I want or dont want on my team. Its not often I come across a stat that makes me go “Huh.”. That’s not “Huh?” like “what did you say?”, that’s “Huh.” as in “I never would have guessed.” Ever heard of Alexei Ramirez? Ever cared about him? He’s always fallen in that middle tier of shortstops that went after I took my starter (because I like to have elites at thin positions) and before I was looking for a backup.

But I stumbled onto his numbers since coming into the league in 2008, and I had to sit back and wonder how I never noticed before. Ramirez has had AT LEAST 15 HR and 13 SB in ever year he’s been in the majors. His career batting average is .283, and he has a very respectable .751 OPS. He also added 70 RBI and 83 runs scored last season. After the big two and a half (Hanley, Tulo and Reyes) are off the board, I don’t think there is a safe bet in the bunch, and I’d grab Alexei before the geezers Jeter and Rollins, and perhaps before the real young Andrus, Desmond and Castro.


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