You heard me!

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Here we are. Baseball games are just around the corner. You can call these “bold predictions” or “long shot picks” or you can wait until September and say “wow, I’m glad I listened”.

Andrew McCutchen bats .290, with 25 HR and 40 steals. He’s 24 and was .286, 16, 33 last year.

Carl Crawford under .300, under 80 RBI, under 15 HR, under 40 steals. Too much thump behind him to have the green light he had in Tampa, and batting leadoff, who will be on base to knock in? Jarrod Saltalamacchia?

Jose Reyes bats .290, over 10 HR, over 40 SB, and over 100 R. He was .282, 11, 30, and 83 in 133 games, and was hurt for much of that 133.

Josh Hamilton plays less than 130 games. Deal with it.

Ian Kinsler hits at least 25 HR, steals at least 25 bases and plays at least 140 games. He is one season removed from a 2009 in which he went 31/31.

Matt Kemp is outside the top-15 OF. Won’t score 100, or steal 30 bases or hit 30 HR.

Prince Fielder hits 45 HR, 120 RBI, and bats over .270.

Adrian Beltre bats under .275 with less than 100 RBI. In 13 years, he has hit over .276 just twice and knocked in 100+ just twice (same seasons), both in contract years.

Aaron Hill and Adam Lind will each hit 25+ HR and bat .275+. Both were incredibly unlucky last season and should correct the ship significantly. They can be had cheap.

Jose Bautista….. ya nothing close to 2010. I’d say around 25 HR, 70 RBI, and bat in the .240s.

More to come.

  1. Dave W says:

    I like your stuff just post more often!

  2. Dave W says:

    Great, I love the stuff so far. Lots of junk fantasy sites, I think this one has real material.

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