Mock Auction Experiment

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

After testing out a “all-hitting” strategy in my last mock snake draft, in which I didn’t select a pitcher until all 13 starting hitter spots were full, I decided to run a similar experiment in an auction. I allocated $215 of my $260 for hitting, leaving $45 for nine pitching spots.

Again, I will target young potential-laden starters and strikeout/WHIP stars for relievers, even if they are just setup men with a chance to steal a closer job. Meanwhile, I will bid like crazy for offense. I have guys in mind that I want. I won’t got to the point of unrealistic prices, but with the extra cash, I’m willing to go above my established maximums for certain players.

With 82% of my budget to fill 13 of 25 spots, I can take some liberties.

I got 5-tool Ryan Braun, my #1 OF, for $40, which would be an obscene amount with my normal budget, but it works with this system.

After a long wait, I grabbed Prince Fielder for $27. I was happy with the price, and I expect him to touch 40 HR and 110 RBI again this season at 26 years old.

I nabbed Dustin Pedroia for $27. Not a bad price. He could be the top second baseman in category leagues this season, with 300/20/20 well within reach. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a sucker for power/speed guys. I was targeting Kinsler at 2B, but for the price, I’ll take it.

LOVE getting Andrew McCtuchen for $23. That even fits with my regular budget. Good deal for another 5-tool player. And I got the last good SS in Jose Reyes for $23. That’s also a price I’d be ok with regardless of the budgeting.

I just bought Heyward for 20. I dont love that and I would never do it for real, but its a decent price. It could turn out to be a bargain. I wanted Kinsler, so I went and got him for $23. This is why I love auctions. That’s pretty expensive for a 2B/SS flex, but its a mock. I’ve got $33 left for six more hitters.

I’ve just decided, instead of $45, I’m going to live on $30 for all my pitchers. Which means, I will spend $230 on hitters.

I just grabbed Jacoby Ellsbury for $17. Love the AVG, steals and runs scored.  And got my catcher in Buster Posey for $20.

Four more hitters to fill, and $11 to fill them. Then $30 for nine pitchers. That’s the real experiment. How good can my pitching staff be for $30? Thats 12% of the budget on nine of 25 starts.

Side note: David Price just went for $13. If I wasn’t doing this experiment, that’s huge. I’d be ecstatic to get him for that. Just shows how long you can wait on pitching. Wandy Rodriguez just went for $10, another steal.

Interesting note, the only four hitting positions I need are 3B, 1B/3B flex, one OF and UTIL.

I was thrilled to get Pablo Sandoval for $8 for 3B.
Add Manny Ramirez and Chris Johnson for $1… one more spot to fill.

And Chris Coghlan is mine for $1, so my lineup looks like this

C- Buster Posey (20)
1B- Prince Fielder (27)
2B- Dustin Pedroia (26)
3B- Pablo Sandoval (8)
SS-  Jose Reyes (23)
2B/SS- Ian Kinsler (23)
1B/3B- Chris Johnson (1)
OF- Braun (40)
OF- McCutchen (23)
OF- Heyward (20)
OF- Ellsbury (17)
OF- Ramirez (1)
UTIL- Chris Coghlan (1)

Not bad huh? Now let’s see what the pitching turns into with $30 to spend.

Brandon Morrow is my ace at $8. I love the strikeouts and ERA.

I get Jake McGee for $2. Give me saves.

I go up to $3 on David Aardsma for the saves, and decent ERA. I’ll take Ryan Madsen and  Jonny Venters for $1 each. Both give me K and ERA and could be closing by season’s end.

Four spots and $15 left. I spend $4 on Jair Jurrjens, loving the upside and $3 on Jordan Zimmerman. I splurge on Ian Kennedy for $3 and Edinson Volquez for $5 to close out the draft.

So my pitching staff of 12% of the budget looks like this:

Brandon Morrow (8)
Jordan Zimmerman (3)
Jair Jurrjens (4)
Ian Kennedy (3)
Edinson Volquez (5)
Jake McGee (2)
David Aardsma (3)
Jonny Venters (1)
Ryan Madson (1)

That’s certainly not bad. I might be low on saves and wins, but lots of strikeouts there, and low ERA and WHIP. Once again, proving how deep pitching is. And that lineup is dominant.





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