Switching It Up

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I noticed I tend to take many of the same players in my mocks, mainly because I try to do every mock as if it’s my actual draft. So I went back and looked at the mocks I’ve done so far, and any player I ended up with more than ten times, I won’t draft. That means Prince Fielder, David Wright, Ian Kinsler, Jose Reyes, Andrew McCutchen…… and others.

I will be intentionally passing over. Drafts NEVER go according to plan, so once you have an idea of the approach you want to take to your draft, there is value in the practice of drafting when no one you target is left on the table, and you have to piece together a good and balanced team, creatively. Let’s see how it goes. I will be drafting in the 7th slot of the first round.

There goes Crawford #3 overall. I just have to chuckle at that. And while I would normally take Robinson Cano or David Wright at #7, both are on the restricted list, so I will take Carlos Gonzalez and his 5-tool-ness.

Moving to #18, I would normally take Prince Fielder here, but I will instead go with Mark Texeira at first base. And I’m realizing, as I pondered the third basemen before they were drafted, in a seasonal league, I think I would rather have Alex Rodriguez than Ryan Zimmerman. And I think I’m in the minority.

For my third pick, at #31, I would normally jump all over McCutchen or Reyes, but both are banned so I hesitantly take Shin-Soo Choo. That’s another guy that can hit for power and run. I like him, just never end up taking him. I might consider in the future.

My next pick is #42. A lot of my infield sleepers are lower on the board, so I might take my third OF in the first four rounds. I’m looking at Jason Heyward or Hunter Pence. I’m thinking from a seasonal standpoint, so I will take Pence.

Four rounds down, I usually have most of my infield done by now, and I have three outfield and a first baseman. For #55, I’m looking at Brandon Phillips or Buster Posey to actually fill a shallow spot. 2B, 3B, and SS I usually fill in the first five rounds. So, as much as I think Posey might be a little better, I’m taking Phillips.

Notice, in the first five rounds, four of my players could easily have 20/20 seasons.

For my #66 pick, I’m looking at a pitcher, perhaps. But Mat Latos, Jered Weaver and Josh Johnson are all on my restricted list, so I instead go with a closer, which I never do this early. But I will take Brian Wilson.

My next pick is #79. I might consider another pitcher, but Carlos Santana and Alexei Ramirez are both possibilities. This is probably a little bit of a reach, but I don’t want to take another closer, so I take Santana at #79.

I’m looking right at Ramirez for the #90 pick. Hopefully he falls, because SS is getting bad fast. And he is mine. Wandy Rodriguez, Carlos Marmol, Casey McGehee early possbilities for #103. Rodriguez it is.

Looking at #114, I need 3B on the infield, and I’m looking at Pablo Sandoval and pitchers. If Sandoval goes, I will look at taking a pitcher, and then Pedro Alvarez in the 11th round. And I watch Sandoval go one spot before me and take Brett Anderson. I was deciding between him and Jonathan Broxton but I went with the upside of Anderson.

Now I need a 3B and am leaning toward Alvarez… and there goes Alvarez. Man, third base gets so shallow so fast. I’m actually going to take Broxton at #127 and look at maybe Ian Stewart at #138.

And I did take Stewart there. Now, I’m looking at #151, and thinking one of the flex spots, either MI (Starlin Castro) or CI. Or I could take a young starting pitcher like Daniel Hudson. I would normally be all over Brandon Morrow here but he is on my list.

And at #151, I will take Hudson. I’m looking at Neil Walker at #162 for my MI flex spot. and I got him.

At #175, I could take a CI guy, or another pitcher. There are also a few interesting outfielders that could grab my attention. I’m considering Gaby Sanchez and Mitch Moreland. And I will take Moreland. I don’t love it, but he has AVG and HR upside.

At #186, I’m looking at Craig Kimbrel right now. And I got him.

#199 could be a starting pitcher or an outfielder. Manny Ramirez would be my first choice here, and I got him. So I will probably look at pitching at #210 and I would normally take Jordan Zimmerman but he is on my list. And I will take a chance on Marlins’ closer Leo Nunez.

At #223, I’m considering James Shields and I took him. There is some ERA/WHIP upside there. With three spots, I need an OF, UTIL and one more pitcher. I think my pitcher is going to be Jair Jurrjens at #234 but oh, he’s on my list. I don’t love this, but I’ll take Chris Sale at #234. I like his K/9, and his ERA should help, along with the saves that will come by mid-season.

At #247 I’ll either fill the OF or UTIL spot. I’m looking down the list, and considering Cameron Maybin, as well as Justin Smoak and Julio Borbon. I’m leaning toward Maybin at #247. And I got him.

#258 I’m going to take Smoak. He will fill the UTIL spot and has some power potential.

So my lineup looks like this

C- Carlos Santana
1B- Mark Texeira
2B- Brandon Phillips
3B- Ian Stewart
SS- Alexei Ramirez
2B/SS- Neil Walker
1B/3B- Mitch Moreland
OF- Carlos Gonzalez
OF- Shin-Soo Choo
OF- Hunter Pence
OF- Manny Ramirez
OF- Cameron Maybin
UTIL- Justin Smoak
P- Brian Wilson
P- Wandy Rodriguez
P- Brett Anderson
P- Jonathan Broxton
P- Daniel Hudson
P- Craig Kimbrel
P- Leo Nunez
P- James Shields
P- Chris Sale

I don’t love it. But that’s why I target the guys I target. This is a worst case scenario, in which all my targets get taken, but I’m satisfied.






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