Posted: March 4, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

This is the first Q&A of the season. If you haven’t sent in questions before, the address is fantasyxman@gmail.com. I will get to as many as I can.

Fantasy X-Man,

I’m in my first auction. Can you give me some simple things to keep in mind? -Carl, Indiana


I recommend this article that I wrote for Bleacher Report about that exact thing. If I could pick one out of the list, have a budget. You have $260, so have an idea how much you want to give to each position, and be ready to adjust for bargains.

Fantasy X-Man,

During football season, you repeatedly hated rookies. Does that change for baseball, where rookies have been playing professionally for years? -Jake, Boston


I hate rookies. If they fell in the draft, or were going cheap, I’d take them, but that’s a value thing and they are always overvalued. We’re talking about guys like Jeremy Hellickson, Domonic Brown, Kyle Drabek, Desmond Jennings… etc. First of all, I expect Brown to start the year in AAA. Hellickson will be hit or miss. If you can get him for the price of 12 wins and a 4.00 ERA, then do it. And I might take the slight over on wins, but all these guys are going to cost more than that.

Fantasy X-Man,

Are you going to post on a more regular basis now that the season is getting close? -Kalye, NY


Yes, I was on a bit of a hiatus between football and baseball, but it is time to get going. The plan is to post weekly stuff four days per week, and other news and updates in between. The schedule is as follows.

Monday- Walking the Walk (12-team roto)
Wednesday- Snakes and Ladders (major value adjustments in the last week)
Thursday- Q&A
Friday- Add/Drop

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you name some likely undrafted free agents who might be worth adding before the season? Thanks. -Matthew, Pittsburgh


Daisuke Matsuzaka and AJ Burnett are interesting to me as a bench SP. Jair Jurrjens is going undrafted is some leagues and that’s a real shame.

Fantasy X-Man,

What is going on with Tsuyoshi Nishioka? -Kelsey, Texas


No one knows what he will do. BUT he is looking like he will be the #2 hitter in MInnesota. And he might gain SS eligibility. If you can get him for $2-3 or a late round pick, you might get a big surprise performance.

Thanks for the questions, everyone. Keep them coming. While I will post Q&A every Thursday, I will also mix it up and post many of them throughout the week.


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