Rankings Update: Outfield

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

First of all, I am a proponent of separating LF, CF, and RF positions, but will not rank them individually as most standard leagues operate with multiple OF spots instead. That being said, it is always a deep position. There are a ton of fast guys, so I give an edge to outfielders with power and speed, and I downgrade primary speed guys.

1. Ryan Braun
2. Matt Holliday
3. Carlos Gonzalez
4. Shin-Soo Choo
5. Andrew McCutchen
6. Carl Crawford
7. Josh Hamilton
8. Matt Kemp
9. Nelson Cruz
10. Alex Rios
11. Hunter Pence
12. Justin Upton
13. Andre Ethier
14. Jacoby Ellsbury
15. BJ Upton
16. Michael Stanton
17. Jose Bautista
18. Chris Young
19. Jay Bruce
20. Jayson Werth
21. Ichiro Suzuki
22. Delmon Young
23. Jason Heyward
24. Drew Stubbs
25. Colby Rasmus
26. Ben Zobrist
27. Brett Gardner
28. Shane Victorino
29. Torii Hunter
30. Carlos Quentin
31. Curtis Granderson
32. Michael Bourn
33. Juan Pierre
34. Corey Hart
35. Vernon Wells
36. Adam Jones
37. Angel Pagan
38. Nick Makakis
39. Nick Swisher
40. Rajai Davis
41. Andres Torres
42. Aubrey Huff
43. Carlos Lee
44. Sean Rodriguez
45. Ryan Raburn
46. Travis Snider
47. Jason Bay
48. Carlos Beltran
49. Manny Ramirez
50. Chris Coghlan
51. Austin Jackson
52. Dexter Fowler
53. Denard Span
54. Franklin Gutierrez
55. Logan Morrison
56. Cameron Maybin
57. Jose Tabata
58. Johnny Gomes
59. Tyler Colvin
60. Coco Crisp
61. Raul Ibanez
62. Garrett Jones
63. Johnny Damon
64. Matt Joyce
65. Seth Smith
66. Jason Kubel
67. Julio Borbon
68. Marlon Byrd
69. JD Drew
70. Nate McLouth
71. Alfonso Soriano
72. Cody Ross
73. Carlos Gomez
74. Peter Bourjos
75. Grady Sizemore
76. Magglio Ordonez
77. Nyjer Morgan
78. Omar Infante
79. Michael Brantley
80. Will Venable
81. Ben Francisco
82. Alex Gordon
83. Kosuke Fukudome
84. Brad Hawpe
85. Roger Bernadina
86. David Dejesus
87. Pat Burrell
88. John Jay
89. Juan Rivera
90. Felix Pie
91. Marcus Thames
92. Bill Hall
93. David Murphy
94. Ryan Ludwick
95. Domonic Brown
96. Jeff Francouer
97. Matt Diaz
98. Ryan Spilbourghs
99. Michael Saunders
100. Desmond Jennings

If you’ve read any of the preseason posts, you know I’m pretty high on McCutchen. I was tempted to put him ahead of Choo, but couldn’t convince myself of the argument. However, I wouldn’t have a problem if you did. I could have easily dropped Crawford out of my top-10 outfielders and not worried about it, but his 15 HR ability keeps him in the elite group.

There are a ton of cheap, talented, possible stars buried in the rankings. Its a smart idea to pick out one (or two in deeper leagues) to grab in the final rounds and see what happens. I’d highlight Maybin, Brantley, Bourjos, and Colvin as guys that can be had late, and could become top-50 outfielders.


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