Rankings Update: Second Base

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Second base is shallow at the top, but there are a lot of viable options to be had. Many of those ranked between 10-15 are going for bargains. There is an argument to be made for overpaying for weak positions, but if you don’t get one of the top five, keep an eye for these underrated players.

1. Robinson Cano
2. Dustin Pedroia
3. Ian Kinsler
4. Rickie Weeks
5. Dan Uggla
6. Brandon Phillips
7. Aaron Hill
8. Gordon Beckham
9. Chase Utley
10. Kelly Johnson
11. Ben Zobrist
12. Martin Prado
13. Neil Walker
14. Chone Figgins
15. Brian Roberts
16. Sean Rodriguez
17. Howard Kendrick
18. Danny Espinosa
19. Omar Infante
20. Tsuyoshi Nishioka
21. Reid Brignac
22. Ryan Theriot
23. Mike Aviles
24. Alexi Casilla
25. Juan Uribe
26. Ty Wigginton
27. Freddy Sanchez
28. Eric Young Jr.
29. Bill Hall
30. Blake Dewitt
31. Skip Schumaker
32. Maicer Izturis
33. Dustin Ackley
34. Carlos Guillen
35. Jayson Nix

After the top two, there is a big group of players around the same value (considering Utley’s injury). Don’t overpay for Hill, Beckham, Johnson, Zobrist, or Prado. Just get one of them.

There is serious upside to be had late in the forms of Espinosa, Nishioka, Brignac, and Casilla. If you have a deeper roster, grab one for cheap and see what happens.


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